Saturday, March 12, 2011

THIS. . .

Makes me sad.

Especially when it's followed by this . . .

I hope you come back Julia. Even though we didn't know each other personally I still feel like I've lost a really great friend!

XO Kristen

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    Check out this scale Kristen. I don't know if I have invited you to my blog yet. If I haven't, please visit:

    C-Ya Myra

  2. The blogging world is an amazingly supportive community and I find I have developed some very special friendships with people I haven't even met....It's hard when somebody just drops out! I haven't read her blog, but I've heard great things about her! I hope she comes back soon! :)

  3. Whenever someone makes their blog invite only, I think it's usually because of a clash between the 'real' world, and their blog. In other words, someone they knew read their blog and they weren't happy about it.

  4. Ahh...shit. I hate to see that. She inspired me SOOOO much.



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