Sunday, March 13, 2011


I really don't know how I'm feeling right now. Angry. Check. Anxious. Check. Scared. Check. Nervous. Check.

This morning I spoke (via text) to the girls' dad and we spoke about meeting tomorrow so he could see them. On several occasions he proved to be his childish self but when I told him I had an appointment at 3:00 and if he could come earlier than 11:30 to spend more time with the girls.

He got pissed. Told me if I thought I was going to limit his time with his girls than I was mistaken and that I was to leave them with him when I went.

I kindly told him that that would happen over my dead and cold body to which he responded that one day he would take them whether I liked it or not.

I took that as a threat because he has a history of threatening me with my children and called the police to file a report.

Little did I know that his threats are not a criminal offense and that no matter what I consider harassment, what he does (texting me over and over every day) is not considered harassment. Who woulda known?

The police officer did give him a little call though, warning him that if his behavior escalated he could potentially go to jail and that he wasn't to text me anymore today.
He also told him that there was no way he could force me to take the girls to see him because there is no parenting plan on place.

I plan to change that tomorrow. Back to the lawyer and I give my readers permission to come to Washington and kick my ass if I ever so much as mention stopping divorce proceedings again.

On a brighter note, breakfast was everything bagel thin + garlic & herb Laughing cow cheese wedge + three egg whites + coffee and creamer

Snack was strawberries and 16 sour dough pretzel bites.

Lunch was garlic chicken spring rolls ( lean cuisine ) + sweet chilli sauce.

Snack was a nectarine.

Dinner will be kielbasa sausage with a cup of white rice and steamed broccoli with a dollop of mayo.

Does super stress count as exercise?? (just kidding)

XO Kristen

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  1. Oh sweetie, if stress counted as exercise, I'd be rail thin :) I'll be praying that things go smoothly for you and for your girls. Do what is best for them and yourself!

  2. I'm sorry you're having to deal with more of his crap. Definitely get a parenting plan in place asap. Looks like you're doing great with food, despite him upsetting you. :)

  3. I hope things work out for you, I hate how bad things have been going. If stress was a form of exercise, I wouldn't exist anymore!

  4. Husbands are another kid to raise as an aunt of mine said. Anyway - unfortunately the children will always be a bond to him that cannot be broken. When they are of legal age it will hopefully end for good but right now what's best for the kids is job no. 1. Communication with your kids will be so important because the day will come when they may decide it would be more fun at dad's and he could play to that when they are with him just to get at you. Don't give him the satisfaction of seeing you upset. Listen to me - I'm mad and I don't even know the guy. :-)

  5. Wow, you had a great day of eating! When stress hits, I eat like crap. I'm proud of your for calling today. Keep being the strong mama that you are!

  6. oh dear, this brought back memeories. Be cautious, believe in your hunches as you already are, and document every word, text and thought. He may not be breaking a law now but when he does, your journal of documentation may be just the thing that turns the tides. Document everything with dates and times. If nothing else - it gets it off your mind and into a manageable format. (Sorry I'm being motherly - been there)

    Hooray for you. All that stress and you are still on track? I'm totally impressed with you! Hang in there. You are being a hero to your girls - they need that. You are being a hero to you - you need that!

  7. Sorry you are having to go through all of this, be strong, your eating is great...I would have snorfed...Good luck with the whole divorce thing and to the safety of you and your children. hugs.

  8. who wouldn't have all those feelings after that? How scary to have to deal with his crazy. Lean on your support system and be strong as you can. Hang in there.

  9. OMG, let the man come to you, and make no attempt to drive to see him. Have a warrant drawn up for harrassment, and when he calls that he is on the way, have him met by the Federales.. Stop playing around and be a little tougher...

  10. What an ass! My gosh! Well you did way better than me, I'd have downed 15 cookies and half of the kitchen by now if I was dealing with that.

    Hope getting on top of things relieves some of your stress.

  11. Sorry you're going through all this with your ex. I hope it changes for the better soon.

    You asked about subscribing to my blog. To do so, you'll see a "Subscribe to" section on the right hand side. Where it says "Posts", click the down arrow and then choose the method you prefer.

    I hope you enjoy reading the my trials and tribulations of losing weight. I'm hoping to be at goal by the end of the year, or earlier. I said that last year, however...

  12. My ex is a shithead, too. I know we don't really know each other (YET!), but sounds like we've got alot in common.

  13. Kristen, don't know what I can say to help. But I will say a prayer for you and your girls right now. I'm so sorry that you and the girls have to go through this very difficult time.


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