Friday, April 22, 2011


There are a few things I need to disconnect from in order for this eating well thing to be successful.

I need to disconnect emotionally from my soon to be ex. I'm not saying I need to disconnect from my feelings, just from allowing him to control them. I need to mourn the relationship and move on.

I need to disconnect my trigger foods from the feelings that make them trigger foods. I know exactly why I want certain foods and it has nothing at all to do with hunger.

I need to disconnect my phone. In the very literal sense. Mr. Ex has decided not to pay the bill ... Again and so I think this is the perfect time to let the phone go. Of course, it will be another bad mark on my credit report but what is one among the hundreds that my ex has accrued in my name.

It's sunny today.

Can you see that beautiful blue sky beyond the blinds and between the houses and trees?

I plan to go for a nice walk around the neighborhood with the munchkins after lunch. Some fresh air, some sunshine and being outside in general will do them good. Winter has kept us cooped up far too long.

One can only find so many new things to do every day indoors. Crafts, blocks, dolls, train table that they have never really used the train on.

Movies, cartoons, playdough, tents, bouncing on the beds, baking, playing hide and go seek, running like crazies around the kitchen island etc. There's only so many times for so many days you can do these things without craving fresh air, sun and different scenery.

Oh and of course, riding mommys legs like horsies is always fun!

Yesterday, we painted Sassy's nails for Easter. She's very into fashion and accessories and very feminine things like lip gloss, nail polish etc.

She wanted them to look like Easter eggs.

I decided I would pamper myself a little and paint mine too. I feel pretty even though I'm pretty sure the orange makes my white ass skin look kinda yellow.

Oh and I'm so excited! On the building of my new apartment, my grandpa is finally raising and installing the floor! Woohoo!

Breakfast was eggs & coffee ... And a grape ...

As you can see the grapes were kinda brown and soft. Hence only 1.

And so far today I feel cautiously optimistic. Lunch coming up. Not sure what. A walk and then nap time for girls and me time for ... Well me.


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  1. I know what you mean about finding stuff to do indoors. It gets old after awhile, even if you enjoy the things you're doing. Enjoy the sun! :)

  2. We've had a serious case of cabin fever for the last month too. I can't wait for the rain to stop so we can finally go outside again! You're girls are adorable by the way!

  3. I hope that you and the girls can get out and have some fun and sunshine. :)

    Yay! Your pad is getting closer to being ready for occupation.

    Sassy's nails look adorable. And so do yours. A nice manicure can really lift your spirits. I know it helps mine. Oh! And orange is a good colour on fair skin. *nods wisely*

  4. I'm sooo glad that I can read your blog again!! I had tried a few days ago and it said that I wasn't invited or something like that. You have an awesome blog and I love it!:)


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