Friday, April 1, 2011


Today started out TOO early for me. Both Breezy and Sassy decided to wake up at 5:45am. For me, that is an ungodly hour. Lucky for my sanity though, they let me rest on and off until 7:30 at which time I got up to do my normal stuff.

I decided that I would treat the three of us to breakfast at Ihop where we used to go all the time. The girls really enjoyed seeing the waitresses and hostesses they love and who love them so much.

Afterward at about 11:00am we drove to the gym where the girls went to their kids club and I made a bee line to the ellipticals. 10 minutes into my workout I get an overhead page from kids club to come see them. I go and Breezy is melting down. I think perhaps she needs comfort so I run (literally, cuz all my endorphins are flowing and my heart rate is up so I might as well right?) to buy a bottle and milk. I run back and give her the bottle and head back to the elliptical. 10 minutes in, I get another page.

Gahhh!! Breezy just isn't having play time so I leave and within minutes of putting the car in drive both girls are fast asleep! At first I am perplexed because they usually WILL NOT nap until 2 or 3pm which is why I chose to go to the gym early. Then a light bulb moment happens and I remember they woke up 3 hours before they usually do. No wonder they want to nap 3 hours earlier too! No wonder Breezy was so fussy!!

So they sleep for about an hour as I drive around and when they wake up we stop for some lunch and then I ask them if they want to go back to kids club to play. It was a unanimous YES!

So back to the gym we went and this time I was able to get an amazing 45 mins on the elliptical plus another 35 mins of strength training!!

I did 4 sets of 5 on the shoulder press, Chest press & Bicep curls.
4 sets of 15 on the seated dips & Lat pulldowns.Then I did 75 on each side and 50 frontals on the ab coaster. Then 75 regular sitting crunches. Whew!!

All together I spent about 2 hours at the gym and I plan to do this every day except Sunday's because that is church day. I will rotate upper and lower body strength training every other day and I will do a minimum of 40 mins on the elliptical, eventually adding perhaps 10-15 minutes of the stair climber or one of the other torture devices they call a cardio machine. Lol

And now I am sore. Very sore. But happy!!

Anyone who doesn't enjoy exercise has either not given it a chance, hasn't tried a variety to spice stuff up or they aren't doing it for the right reasons. Health vs. Obligation. Exercise, even without immediate physically visible results is an instant mood lifter, when you are doing it for the right reason; not the number on the scale or the image in the mirror but health... Plain and simple. When you feel obligated you automatically feel resentment and how could you possibly enjoy something you already resent?

And as we all know, today is April 1st. April Fools Day. So tell me ... Is this just a funny haha post, like 'Yeah right kristen' or do you think this is the real deal of my day today?

Whoever comments on this post will be entered into a random raffle and will have the chance to win a lil sumpin sumpin from lil ol me! So comment away!

XO Kristen

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  1. What determination!! I think I would have gotten home and stayed there. Kudos to you for going back and getting your workout in. Those little girls are so cute.

  2. Wow good job! Good for you for stickin to it even when it got stressful!

  3. Gosh one couldn't even make up a day that disastrous. You stuck with it though and turned it right around. Good for you, keep at it sister! :)

  4. I really hope it was real! So I say seem determined lately.

  5. I think it was real. You can't make that kind of shit up. lol

  6. Hmm I might go against the grian, and even though it sounds real I will say April Fools?

  7. I am proud of you! I would have had my own melt down and curled up in a corner to suck my thumb and cry it out!

  8. April Fools!!! But I hope you did get that awesome workout in :)

  9. YA KNOW .. i am gonna go with you did it.. why not.. you are young and healthy.. and maybe ya just did it!


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