Tuesday, April 12, 2011


((insert that horrible music in the movies that leads up to something suspenseful))

Tomorrow is the temporary custody hearing. I don't know if it is just a temporary custody hearing anymore though or the real thing because the girls' dad replied to the petition.

For those of you following along through this whole chaotic drama and know the kind of man he is, can you believe he is asking for Friday 6PM - Sunday 6PM every other weekend?!

Breezy lived with him for all of 3 months of her almost 2 years of life. Sassy only for a little less than 1.5 years and he thinks he should get them for 3 days and 2 nights every other weekend?!

Not to mention his living space is inadequate. He doesn't even sleep on a bed and he sleeps in the same room as his 21 year old nephew. There's nowhere for the girls to sleep. No toys for them to play with. No clothes to wear. No diapers, sippy cups. Nothing.

Add on top of that is complete incompetence as a parent, (never diapered, cooked for, fed, put to sleep, or anything substantial) and his history of emotional and physical abuse and do you really think a judge would comply?

That's not a rhetorical question. I really want to know what you think.

Today I asked him if he would buy the girls diapers and training panties. He said no and then told me he was asking God for forgiveness because he knows it's the girls who suffer. WTF?!

After 5 weeks of not seeing the girls in the two weeks he did see them, this is what he bought:

Not this:

Does any of that besides the purses and bears look appropriate for a 1 & 2 year old at the end of winter?

Candy, lipgloss, nail art pen (???) and flip flops. (it's still 35-40 degrees here and raining. For an adult flip flops might be a personal choice but not for a 2 year old)

Yesterday when he saw the girls he tried to feed them ice cream before lunch which would have given Sassy a sugar headache.
Then he tried to feed them spicy orange chicken! I had to stop him. He let Breezy get about 50 feet away from him in the direction of the escalator (maybe equal distance from it) before he followed after her dragging Sassy with him.

He almost put Breezy on one of these and when she said no, tries to convince her it would be fun.

He let Sassy practically eat his medicated chapstick.

But promptly took it away when he saw me take this picture.

I am so concerned for their physical safety when they're with him and not because of what he does but because of what he DOESN'T do. His negligence of logical awareness when taking care of his daughters is astounding.

Also, last week he gave Sassy a clothing retrieval pole to play with.

Then proceeded to hold both girls (70+lbs together and the pole to play with the balloon on the mall ceiling)

Does that look safe to you?

In any case, prayers that tomorrows hearing goes smoothly and well would be greatly appreciated.

I'm off to feed the girls and try not to get too stressed out.

Yesterday, I became so stressed out I gave myself a migraine that got so bad I vomited and could barely function. Not again. I'm giving it to God. He knows what He's doing.

XO Kristen

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  1. My thoughts are with you. This sounds SO stressful for you. I hope everything works in YOUR favor.

  2. Kristen, I am a great believer in the power of prayer and in giving God control so that we don't have to stress over the things that we can't control anyway. He really does know what He is doing. I will definitely be praying for you, Sassy & Breezy.

  3. I'm praying for you and your girls as well. I believe that there is a plan and I've always liked the phrase, "God never closes one door without opening another, but the walk down the hallway can be hell."

    Keep your chin up and try to think positive. (hug)

  4. Kris keep you r chin up! Your an amazing mom and I am still doing the custody thing. It sucks but needs to be done. My kids father live out of state too. I know it sucks but your strong because you have 2 beautiful girls that need you to be!

  5. Praying! I hope it all works out for you!

  6. No. Just frakking no! The judge can't possibly award three days every two weeks to him. That just can't happen.

    I hope that you have printed your blog entries, your photographs, the pictures of the stupid stuff he bought while denying his daughters the basic necessities should be compelling. His living situation is untenable. It is utterly unsuitable for children. He has made no preparation for them to visit. And he refuses to supply basic needs, refuses to change a diaper, help your older child with her disposable pants. He has no clue about good nutrition for a child. Hell... He can't or won't even properly supervise them to assure their safety.

    I am definitely keeping you and your baby girls in my prayers. I will be sending you positive thoughts and vibes and keep my fingers crossed that you get a good judge. One who will see through your soon to ex's BS.

    Fight, Mama Bear!

  7. Most judges would not (as long as you prove that you are concerned for their safety and not just trying to stop him from seeing the girls) I would suggest supervised visits. Does he have in-laws that you would trust the girls with if they did stay the night? Thankfully my husband is a great father and I can trust him with the kids. On another note, I know parents that have fough for years and spent thousands trying to get the kids. Just prove your case and stick to it. More than liking he wont spend the money for a lawyer and wont come to most session anyway. Good Luck.

  8. Also I would document the abuse that way when you go before the judge you remember all that you want to say. Get witnesss and medical reports or police reports (if it ever got that bad) The more you can prove the better. Because of the abuse, I would get a restraining order, then he cant see them. You have to do whats best for your children.

  9. and it's today.
    sending you my prayers and thoughts of STRENGTH.


  10. Good luck and hope it all works out for you. Keep us posted


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