Friday, May 20, 2011


Low carbin it has been great. I'm losing weight (almost 10lbs in 5 days albeit I know it's mostly water) and best if all?

No hunger. No cravings.



Holy yes!

100g net carbs or less and suddenly *POOF* cravings be gone!

Yesterday, my sister and I went to the midnight showing of Pirates of the Carribean On Stranger Tides. (good but very dark for my taste and for Disney)

So, I wanted to test the whole cravings theory and I'm not sure that I succeeded. I mean in a way I did but my experiment did not render the results I was expecting.

Yesterday I ate a normal carb day (after 4 days of 100g or less) and then at the movie I had candy and popcorn, thinking that I would get some kind of sugar high and my cravings would return.

They didn't.

It's nearly 12 hours after my experiment and I had my low carb breakfast and I want for nothing. Not hungry and no cravings! So, the experiment in theory failed but in reality was quite a success.

Even while I ate the candy a thought about not wanting the candy and how it wasn't worth it kept crossing my mind and OMG the popcorn was awfully salty. I could have finished off the entire VERY large diet soda my sister and I shared all by myself.

So back to low carbin it.

I don't think I'll be experimenting anymore. It just isn't worth it. Why skew my results, right?


Oh and on a random note about my divorce, my ex assumably deleted all the photos of his home from my phone because I used to have some and now I don't. I need them for my attorney as proof that his home is not an adequate place for my girls to reside.

Well, you know how FB now suggests people you might know? Yesterday it suggested one of the nephews that my ex lives with (with a different name ... I had no idea any of them had FB) and wouldn't you know that his FB has public photos of their home? Bummer for him! (my ex, that is)


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  1. He has a lot of frakking nerve, deleting photos from your phone. That was an egregious violation of your privacy. If my husband attempted to change anything on my phone, he would draw back a bloody stump. (I put up with a lot of his BS but there are certain lines even I won't allow someone to cross... lol)

    I hope that you can take more photos. You need the evidence of his unsuitable living arrangements.

  2. Im so happy for you and your non-craving-self!!! Seriously that is great news, so glad that so far the low carb is looking wayyyy up!

    The reason I dont cheat is not only because I feel like SHIT when I do and risk cravings returning, but because when you are doing low carb your body uses its alternate method for energy. Not to blab on and on, but essentially if you overdo the carbs you are not in the "mode" you want to be in.
    The body is designed to burn glycogen (stored carbs) as energy before it will burn fat or protein. If there is no glycogen available then your body will turn to its secondary fuel source which is fat. Basically thats low carbing in a nut shell right there.....carb intake puts all that glycogen you dont want hanging around back in there.
    Anyhoo, great news on the diet stuff. And also on the ex-hubby stuff, if you need those pics grab em and save them fast!

  3. Ain't karma a bitch!! Not a new ager, but I do believe you reap what you sow!

  4. I nominated you to win a custom blog design by Jen at


  5. Print those pictures today so you have them, don't wait

  6. Just found your blog. A lot of people seem to do so well while low carbin it! Good job on your loss!
    Sorry to hear about the ex issues. I agree with Sarah, print those immediately!


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