Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Feeling Good Coming Into Day 3

As my title says, I feel really good coming into day three! It has been a really long time since I made it to day 3 without giving up.

And as I suspected, I peeked at the scale this morning and in 2 days I've already lost 6lbs of water weight. I always figure the first week sheds toxins and extra retained water and by the beginning of week 2 is when you know your real beginning weight.

Yesterday was good, except that it was Monday (which has a completely different definition in my life than in most but I'll get to that another time) Breakfast was 2 pieces of sunmaid raisin cinnamon swirl bread and coffee with cream. Lunch was a roasted chicken Caesar salad with no croutons. Originally I thought the salad was 490 cals (per myfitnesspal.com) but when I asked to confirm with the restaurant's nutritional guide it was actually closer to 600 although there were no modifications made for not eating the croutons. Snacks throughout the day were 2.5 nectarines, a 90 cal special k bar and 8 dark chocolate (flips) pretzels. Dinner was 2 Ling Lings chicken egg rolls and 1 sausage link that I had made for the girls to make sure they weren't too spicy. I did go over my calories a little but only by about 50-ish.

I figure I made up for that though, walking around the mall for 5 hours and then a double loop walk around the neighborhood last night for about 45 minutes.

This morning I started off with the same breakfast. Now I'm chillaxing before I head to the doctor, the bank and the market.

I am feeling really good. It's amazing what just 2 full days of good eating can do for your overall feeling of health. My chronic heartburn/ Gerd has all but disappeared. My headaches are minimal in comparison to what they were and I imagine as the sugar withdrawal lessens they will become even more mild and infrequent.

Tomorrow we will take a trip to the zoo so lots of walking exercise tomorrow. I just need to really think about what I eat and control the portion size. I will return with photos!

Salud! Amor! Y Dinero!


  1. Great to see you starting over fresh. There is nothing better than a fresh start

  2. You're doing great!!! Zumba instructor huh?? Wish we lived close by as I've yet to take a Zumba class but desperately want to! You could be my own private Zumba instructor! :-)


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