Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Beginning - First Weigh

Day 1 and everything is moving along smoothly. Well, as smoothly as it can move along for it being a Sunday when food is eaten out and therefore unpredictable. Normally after church we eat breakfast at Jack in the Box where they conveniently list the calories for the individual sandwich and then the range of calories for the meals depending on the beverage you choose. I was going to order a pita pocket breakfast sandwich for 441 calories plus a coffee with 4 creamer and my breakfast would have been around 480 calories. Unfortunately, we didn't anticipate that our breakfast place would be closed for remodeling and thus we had to choose a different location.

My family chose Shari's, famous for rich and highly caloric meals. I was as 'good' as I could manage to be. I had a spring spinach omelet made with egg whites, hashbrowns made without oil and dry wheat toast with 1 and 1/4 pat of jelly. I drank 2 cups of coffee with 2 creamers each. Unfortunately I can only estimate the calorie intake. Shari's nutritional guide states that the spring spinach omelet ordered normal with whole eggs is 577 calories. I am unsure of the calorie difference when you remove the yolks and the blue cheese crumbles that come with the omelet. The website also states that one side order of hashbrowns is 730 calories but says one side is 175 calories. I need to verify because one side of hashbrowns may be significantly larger than the portion that comes with the meal. Lastly, the website says that the two pieces of whole wheat bread I ate was 312 calories. WOW! I hadn't expected that. Then with the 75 calories in jelly and 40 calories in creamer... I'm a bit at a loss.

So I've been trying to deteriorate the calorie count, modifying the egg whites for the whole eggs. So if I take the total calorie amount of 577 calories and subtract the 4 whole eggs they use. (I called and asked how many whole eggs are used in a normal omelet and one whole egg equals 70 calories) Subtracting those eggs I am left with 297 calories. Then, the lady told me they use 6 oz of liquid egg whites to replace the whole eggs in the omelet which equals around 88 calories so I add that to the 297 calorie omelet. The omelet is now 385 calories. I am going to assume that hashbrowns (essentially shredded potatoes) not cooked in anything but water are 175 calories per serving. So far my meal is 560 calories which, yes is more than I had wished it to be. Add to that my 2 pieces of whole wheat 12 grain toast which the website says is 312 calories and I've suddenly jumped up to 872 calories. Plus creamer at 40 calories and jelly at 75 and wow, 987.

* I didn't subtract the blue cheese crumbles from the calorie count even though I did eat the meal without them.

Mind you this is at 12:30 in the afternoon so it is like breakfast and lunch combined. It doesn't sound so bad when you split it into 2 and say you essentially had a 493 calories breakfast and a 493 calorie lunch BUT that is what got me into trouble in the first place. Making excuses. So I will probably have a snack in a few hours and have a light dinner (less than 400 calories) and learn from my mistakes. No more toast. That would have knocked a good 375 calories off my intake and the hashbrowns weren't really necessary either. Lesson learned, but no harm no foul.

I weighed myself this morning and am 324lbs. Yuck. Holy yuck! I am sure I have at least 10lbs of water weight sitting on me though. Last night, in true glutton style I pigged out. Fries to begin with, a McDonalds frappe, ice cream and then chips and salsa, soda and more ice cream. I made myself sick I ate so much.

I am sure that if I stick to my plan this first week will show an immense loss in water weight alone.

Later this evening I will post my first BUTT SHOT.Be prepared. It isn't pretty. Now to continue on with my day. A little spring cleaning and relaxation.

Happy Sunday



  1. The toast count on the website is most probably counting butter on it as that's how they normally serve it. The blue cheese crumbles were probably 120 calories. The highest calorie whole wheat bread I've seen in the grocery stores has 140 calories for 1 slice and that's for the big slices which they normally don't serve at diners ... I would say the toast was actually around 160-200 calories dry, maybe less.

  2. Why does your family eat out so much? I know I sound incredibly judgemental, but WTF? I know that you have to live with them and cannot change what they do, but what can you do?

    You can pack a bag of fruits, vegetables, hard-boiled eggs and whole wheat bread. Eat THAT during your zoo trips and just have a salad or toast at the restaurant. Order a fruit plate.

    If your family gives you attitude, (which I have experienced) about eating healthily, (People feel like your healthy choices are a judgement on them.) IGNORE them.

    Bring a bag of healthy foods. Save money that way. Your children do not need to eat that junk anyway.


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