Wednesday, August 17, 2011


I have had one binge in the last 2 weeks. There were days I ate a bit more than I planned but only one day when I went back to OC eating. I'm not proud of that one day but I AM proud of the other 13.

This morning I had a moment of OC eating. I bought a scone and coffee for myself and a mini scone and drinks for my girls as a treat. Sassy ate her scone no problem which I was happy to see because she normally picks at her food and hems and haws over eating it. Breezy on the other hand doesn't feel too good still and took only one bite of her scone. Needless to say, I ate it. Now that extra 140 cals won't make me or break me today but I felt out of control.

In the month I have been away from blogging I had another realization or epiphany. It isn't necessarily all about the food or quantity you eat or the exercise or the intensity of exercise you do.

Sometimes it's just about sitting down and establishing your discipline. Self talk and reiterating to yourself that you are in control of food, your body and what you do to and for your body. I feel like when I take full responsibility for what I allow myself to eat instead of blaming it on stress or hormones or emotion or anything else, that I am less likely to binge.

Because, honestly, who wants to admit they are knowingly gluttonous without a 'reason' to fall back on? Not me.

There is so little in the form of discipline in our society today and not just when it comes to nutritional habits. In so many aspects of life we fail to practice discipline and where there is little to no discipline, chaos and malfunction ensue.

Taking my children as an example:

When children have no boundaries they feel out of control and insecure. Children thrive on boundaries and limits.

You can apply this to eating healthily as well. In the same context of 'spare the rod, spoil the child', (mind you rod is used here in a metaphorical sense) 'spare the self discipline and spoil your diet'.

So, I am trying to incorporate more discipline into my life and my girls' lives.

It makes them happy.

It makes me happy.

And happy babies plus happy mommy makes a happy world for us.

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