Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Holy Hell, My Butt

1 hour + 5 minute cool down on elliptical this morning + full lower body weight workout and OH.MY.SWEET.GEEBUS! My butt muscles are on fire! 190lbs 3 sets of 15 reps on my calves and 110lbs 3 sets of 15 on my quads, hips and butt muscles. Did I take anyone's name in vain yet because it's on the tip of my tongue with how much my ass is killing me!

In addition to my butt qualms I am also having serious other pains. I moved 3 twin pillow top beds including box spring and bed frame by myself through the house. I think I tore something between the arch of my foot and my inner ankle. Then I spent half today on my knees rearranging the girls' play room and now my knees feel like there are no ligaments to separate the bones from rubbing together. Yikes!

So, opinions on exercise please. Longer time with steadier pace or short and furious? Also, how long should each session of weights last? Right now I'm averaging between 15-20 minutes. Give me your wisdom!

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  1. When I was higher in weight, I did longer because I focused mainly on that I have about twenty pounds to lose, I focus three days a week on cardio where I do 15 minutes of HIIT training and then 45 minutes of lower level steady paced cardio interspersed with whole body cardio toning workouts. So, slow and steady..and hope your ass feels better soon.


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