Wednesday, January 4, 2012


No more wine (at least not on a regular basis) very good points have been made by fellow bloggers as well as that I find that I don't feel as clear headed or energetic during the day after I have a drink the night before. Not acceptable for a mom of two little ones.

So, back to eating sensibly and exercising my ass off.

20 minutes upper body weights today and then 60 minute elliptical + 5 minute reverse elliptical + 5 minute cool down and I feel like I've been hit by a turbo steam roller.

Now, to fix this more than obnoxious (insanely painful and debilitating sciatica) agh! I've tried stretching, heat, Advil, plenty of exercise and NOTHING helps. Any suggestions?


  1. Isn't sciatica evil?? I just got over it a few weeks ago. The doctor said the advil is the most important part because it reduces inflammation. I iced at first but felt more relief from the heating pad. It can take WEEKS to get over - hope it does not take you too long!

  2. I had some sciatica over the holidays, due to too much walking and standing on my feet. It's miserable, and mine didn't get better until I was able to rest. Good luck!

  3. Great workout! Yes, Sciatica sucks. I'm not sure what the best cure is. Stretching is good, but I think mine disappeared after rest. Hope you feel some relief soon.

  4. Not sure what all the hoopla is about with the wine, but I support your decision. I think some may read into that previous post more than they should. Whatever.... I think you are doing fantastic!!!

    Keep up the good work!

  5. Excellent decision to pass on the sangria. Empty calories, all around. Sciatica can often be triggered by inflammation. Are you eating a lot of simple carbs? Also, potassium-rich foods like bananas can reduce inflammation.

    "Half Chinked," what part do you think we read too much into? I'm curious.


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