Sunday, October 14, 2012

Day 1

I started my day off with a whining 3 year old that she absolutely does not want to go to church and absolutely does not like her teachers and absolutely wants to go to her sister's class where I tell her she absolutely cannot because her sister's class is for older kids. Tears overflowed and I spent my time in service with my eyes closed listening to the pastor, knowing well that my poor baby was less than 200ft away in her Sunday school class, crying her eyes out.

The stress of the day did not end there. I don't know if it's because at 3.25 years old she still has not developed her two year old molars and they are just now cutting or if she is going through the terrifying threes (like the terribly twos only terrifying instead of merely terrible) or if I am just spoiling the hell out of her and she's being a brat. I just don't know but today was just WRONG! Trip to the market to pick up vacation pictures and the girls waiting in the car with my grandma ended up with taking grandma home and having to return to the market revise printed photos because everyone's heads were chopped off. Sass (4.5yrs old) went into playland while I assaulted my massive log of photos but Breezy decided she would be difficult once again and proceeded to terrorize the electronics section of the store while I tried desperately to edit my pictures.

Threats of hanging upside down by her toes in the closet, spankings, no TV, and then of course my last resort offering items for being good did nothing to lesson the terror that was my three year old tornado. Normally we can go into a store without a peep but today it was "I want this" and "I want that" and I wanted to take my children to the customer service area and ask to return them for my original children.

On a different topic so that my blood pressure doesn't spike an all time high, I am quite excited about the second presidential debate on Tuesday. I was quite pleased (albeit not entirely impressed) with how Mr. Ryan conducted himself. For his first ever debate, I think he kept himself cool and controlled (unlike Biden who I think conducted himself somewhat like a clown) and though much of what he said was exaggerated (like Biden) I found when checking facts that a significant % of what he said was actually spot on. On the other hand I also found myself oddly engaged by Biden. If I didn't know and it wasn't confirmed by fact checkers that 98% of what Biden said was pure 'malarky' I would be tempted to vote for him in any capacity (VP or President). It never fails to be relevant to me though that no matter how much more experienced, seasoned, etc Biden is vs. Ryan Mr. Romney DOES IMPRESS me and Mr. President just EMBARRASSES me.

Lastly, I didn't start the day strong but I will end it strong regarding my eating well. Goal 1 was to start at 11:59 last night. CHECK! Goal 2 was to make good choices. UNCHECK. Goal 3 was if I couldn't meet goal 2 to at least keep the day's calories low. CHECK!

All in all a very strange and stressful day. I just had to put both my girls in their respective corners for grabbing, fighting, and hurting each other.

My GERD is acting up.

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