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Politics Abound (Not My Norm)

I normally am not so completely obsessed with politics. Normally, I like to hear about the left and the right and I like to make my own decisions without really making them public (except to my family) So, post elections in November you can expect to see MUCH LESS political fodder and MUCH MUCH MORE about weight loss, family etc. 

However, I believe this year and this election is going to be a pivotal marker in this country's history and I am very passionate about maintaining what this country has always stood for and what was intended by our forefathers. Don't get me wrong. I'm not opposed to progress and change but not at the risk of my livelihood, my morals, my values and my daughters' futures. There is just far too much at stake to remain complacently detached when this election will have such a profound affect on everyone; from the smallest of children to the oldest of seniors and EVERYONE inbetween. 

If it hasn't already been deducted I am a conservative. I know what I believe, how it parallels and does not parallel the 'republican' views and if nothing else, I know that the proof is in the pudding. No one is to say that Obama was not left with a mess when he became president. No one is to say that there weren't some hefty burdens set on his shoulders. But he also made some seriously hefty promises that he just did not live up to. 

Not to mention what he avidly believes in.

Partial abortion, Socialist thinking, Muslim values and the self-centered belief that anyone is entitled to anything and everything. Abortion should be legal in the cases of rape, incest or the life of the mother ONLY.  It should not be used as a form of contraception. Close your legs or accept responsibility. Socialist thinking is not how this country was intended to be run. The poor, the needy, the homeless, the hungry, YES! HELP THEM! Have programs that assist them but not programs for every Tom, Dick, Harry and Ashley who apply. Muslim values are not acceptable as the status quo for this country. This is a melting pot of religions not Islam central. 

7 Reasons Why Islam Is Dangerous

Although this is happening less often these days, I’m still discovering people who feel that all the criticism Islam cops is some kind of prejudice-base conspiracy to smear an otherwise honourable religion.   This week is the 10th anniversary of the World Trade Centre attacks, for anyone remembering this event to still believe Islam is peaceful displays an embarrassing level ignorance and intellectual laziness.  I had hoped by now that most people would have found the time to go down to a book store to buy a copy of the Koran or at least borrowed a few books from the library about Islam and read up on it.  Alas, intellectual laziness is forgiven in a society that doesn’t appreciate that a human being who is uninterested in the political/social going ons around them is as annoying as that lazy bum at work who won’t do anything.  They hold up the political and social development for everyone, not because they’ve got an issue with progress, they’re just too lazy to contribute to the dialogue of progress.
This article is written as a quick reference to use when dealing with people who say things like, “Islam is a religion of peace,” “Islam is a beautiful religion with a noble message,” and “the terrorists have corrupted Islam”.  A lot of people would look at a website and be horrified by the way they’re glorifying mass murder yet still, for fear of being called a racist, not allow them to accept this simple fact of life: Islam is dangerous.  For these people, and the poor souls who have put up with these people, I have written this article.
1. Taqiyya Means Never Feeling Guilty for Lying
If you only read one section of this article, make sure it’s this one.  In Islam there is a concept called “Taqiyya” where it is permissable to lie about Islam so long as it protects the faith or faithful.  It comes directly out of the Koran 3:28:
Let not believers take disbelievers as allies rather than believers. And whoever [of you] does that has nothing with Allah , except when taking precaution against them in prudence. And Allah warns you of Himself, and to Allah is the [final] destination.
What this passage means is that muslims aren’t allowed to be friends with non-muslims unless they intend to exploit them.  To fulfill this charge muslims are allowed to lie about their religion.  Strictly speaking this should only mean denying that they are in fact muslim and pretending to be non-muslim, however, in practice it means lying about aspects of Islam that upset non-muslims like: Mohammed was a blood-thirsty tyrant who raped a 9 year old girl and invented the punishment of cutting off the hands and feet of petty criminals.  All things practiced by devout muslims to this day, but importantly, not by any other major religion no matter how poor and uneducated they may be.
What can we conclude from this? We simply cannot trust anything a muslim tells us about their own religion because they’re allowed to lie about it.  What’s worse, any muslim who says their our friend could very well be purposely manipulating us, I know that sounds paranoid, but read what that passage in the Koran that says and keep in mind that the Koran is meant to be the literal word of Allah and cannot be questioned.  We all know christians who take turn the other cheek seriously, you can bet muslims exist who take this seriously too.
2. Islam = Submission
For those of you who don’t know this, Islam means submission.  It’s supposed to mean submission to Allah but since Allah doesn’t speak directly to anyone, not even Mohammed who had the arch-angel Gabriel act as intermissary, no one can be sure what it is Allah wants you to do.  Muslims usually point out that the Koran is the literal word of Allah yet completely discount the possibility that Mohammed was 7th century Charles Manson and as such, his recitations of what the arch-angel told him might have been a load of self-serving sociopathic permissiveness.  Like how Allah conveniently told Mohammed could temporarily acknowledge and pay his respects to the gods of Makkah and al-Madinah, yup, got to love a guy like Mohammed without the balls to stand up for his own faith.  At least in the Jesus story the point is that it is better to die horribly for what you believe in than to tell a lie to save your own skin.
There is also this idea that submission is somehow virtuous, but it is merely temporarily pragmatic in the case of being threatened with violence and cowardly if you have a free choice.  Submission is a violent act against the individual.  A person who submits cannot agree or offer their advice, labour or company freely, they are compelled to because they have ceased to be an autonomous person but have become a slave.  Submission means slavery as anyone with a knowledge of BDSM know, they would also know that it is degrading to be treated as such. Yet Islam is a religion that considers owning and dominating people to be virtuous.  This opposes everything our culture’s ideal of equal, universal and inalienable human rights stands for.  To endorse Islam is to surrender your human rights and dignity.
Allah tells Muslims to submit to his will or he will torture and torment you in the after life for eternity.  Don’t be misled, that’s the same thing as me putting a gun to your head and telling you to give me all your money or I would kill you.  Be smart, be brave, be proud and don’t submit.
3. Dhimmitude
You can always judge a religion by how well it treats it’s non-adherents.  In Islam they have perfected the art of abolishing the dignity of non-adherents.  They have developed this concise set of rules:
A. If they are jewish or christian, classify them as ‘dhimmis‘ and make them pay a special ‘tax’ (the jizya) to the Islamic endorsed government in return for not being murdered by muslims.  If they do not pay up then enslave, rob, rape and lynch them as you please.
B. If they are not jewish nor christian, then enslave, rob, rape and lynch them as you please.
C. If they are atheists. Kill them.
D. If they were muslim and became apostates then kill them.  Kill them now, with scalding water.
So the options are submit (slavery), submit (convert to Islam) or submit (be killed).
Charming religion.
4. Women and Law
There is nothing sadder than a woman defending Islam.  This is where the horror ofStockholm syndrome shows itself most chillingly.  Because the Koran is perfectly clear on these points:
Men are better than women:
“(Women) have rights similar to those (of men) over them in kindness, and men are a degree above them.”  Sura 2:228
Men can have many wives:
“Marry of the women, who seem good to you, two or three or four.” Sura 4:3
Women are worth half a man:
“To the male the equivalent of the portion of two females, and if there be women more than two, then theirs is two-thirds of the inheritance, and if there be one (only) then the half.” Sura 4:11
“Unto the male is the equivalent of the share of two females.” Sura 4:176
Women’s sexuality is wrong and needs to be suppressed:
“As for those of your women who are guilty of lewdness, call to witness four of you against them. And if they testify (to the truth of the allegation) then confine them to the houses until death take them.” Sura 4:15
Selling a wife is perfectly ok:
“And if ye wish to exchange one wife for another and ye have given unto one of them a sum of money (however great), take nothing from it.” Sura 40:20
By now in this piece you should be able to get an idea of how the Islamic legal system calculates the value of individual human lives.  If we put this on a table it looks like this:
Islam believes that the value of human beings can be measured
What this table means is that if a man rapes a woman then her testimony in court isn’t enough, realistically three muslim women need to come forward as witnesses to convict one muslim man of rape.  If the women were atheists, they’d need at least 17 atheist women willing to come forward as witnesses to get a rape conviction on a single muslim man.  If you’re a woman and you’re raped by a muslim in a muslim country the consequences for failing to prove a charge of rape include being stoned to death for adultery so best not to complain if you’re raped.
5. Muslim Prayer Is Sick
In Christianity one prays for other people or if praying for yourself you pray to a saint to speak to god on your behalf.  In other words, if you’re selfless or deserving the christian God theoretically will listen to your prayers.  This idea of prayer is actually almost unique to Christianity, yet christians or atheists from previous/predominantly christian societies don’t realise that christian prayer is very different to Islamic prayer.
While christians are busy thinking about other people or asking themselves if they deserve to be helped muslims are praying in a completely different manner.  Muslims are praying to God telling God how great, powerful, merciful, amazing, super-duper he is.  If you ask me the muslim God has some serious self-esteem issues if he needs constant reassurance of his omnipotence.  If I was a religious person I would be embarrassed that my God needs a pep talk about 5 times to day otherwise he’ll torture me in hell.  Psychologically this kind of prayer is deeply disturbing, don’t get me wrong, christian prayer is bad too, but muslim prayer is borderline psychotic.
Also, muslims aren’t allowed to pray with their arse facing Mecca because it might hurt their God’s feelings: hence they face Mecca to pray.  This is fine since the Koran sees the world as flat.  However, the Earth is not flat and consequently their arses, thanks to the Earth’s curve are always pointing to Mecca when they pray.  If you want to point out that the curve means they can’t point their arses to Mecca, keep in mind that means they aren’t able to face Mecca when living outside Saudi Arabia either.  So muslims fail at prayer and their God is apparently an insecure idiot.
6. Statistically Speaking: the most violent Religion
This is not a joke. This is not misinformation.  This is not a lie.  These are the statistical facts.  Thanks to for keeping a record of as many confirmed Islamic terrorist attacks as humanly possible since September 11, 2001.  Their data is not exhaustive of course because it doesn’t contain many attacks because they either weren’t reported or they include honour killings and judical killings like stoning or flogging people to death for petty crimes.  However, what this data shows is that far from being a religion of peace, no other religion inspires nearly as much violence and bloodshed than Islam.
This graph shows that not a day goes by without an islamic terrorist attack somewhere in the world.  Of course occasionally ChristiansHindus and Buddhists carry out a terrorist attack but in every recent case I’ve come across it was in response to muslim violence against them.  Even the Oslo murderer, who called himself a christian, said his actions were necessary to fight Islam.  Think of every Islamic dominated country and can you think of one of them that doesn’t have a bloody history of late?  Besides Indonesia, none of them have a stable democracy, and in the case of Indonesia it’s still a young democracy that’s frequently rocked by religious violence.
Here we have the monthly casualties from Islam.  Islamic terrorism has killed 150,000+ civilians since the World Trade Centre attack 10 years ago.  The combined number of civilian deaths resulting from the Afghan and Iraq wars is approximately 80,000.  Not all of these were killed by westerners either.  The biggest difference here is that those 80,000 deaths were all unintended deaths whereas those 150,000+ were all planned, premediated and deliberate cold-blooded attacks on civilians.  That’s the difference between accidentally dropping a loaded gun and killing someone and pointing the gun at someone and firing at them.  Both are crimes, but the latter is far more serious.
Now, I’m personally against both the war in Afghanistan and retrospectively Iraq, because the statistics show that muslims are far more interested in killing other muslims than non-muslims.  Approximately 80% of the victims of those 150,000+ murders were muslims, because they were the wrong muslims: Shi’ites, Sunnis, Sufis etc…
Islam is so violent, they kill each other more than their supposed godless enemies.  That’s not a spiritually enlightened state, that’s a suicidal and delusional state.  A lot more non-muslims would die, of course, if our police and intelligence services weren’t efficient in western countries.  In non-western countries, religious violence doesn’t appear to be taken as seriously by police.  This violence isn’t taken seriously by anyone who says Islam isn’t violent.  Also, I hope people will appreciate the violence is worse now than it used to be.
7. Terrorists Aren’t Heretics, moderate Muslims Are
By this point in time I hope you’re appreciating that the moderate muslims are just like the the moderate christians: they don’t go to church/mosque and they don’t read the Bible/Koran.  This is important, the terrorists do read the Koran and follow it faithfully, moderate muslims by being tolerant to non-muslims and women are clearly being heretics.  The website I mentioned earlier ( goes into great detail as to why muslims who believe in secularism, democracy and women’s rights are disobeying Allah and the teachings of Islam.  These people are Islamic scholars, they are an authority on this subject, not the typical tax-paying peaceful middle-class muslim moderates you work with.  To accept testimony from a moderate muslim is to accept testimony on how to carry out surgery from a person only trained in first aid.
On a more sinister note: how moderate is moderate?  Wikileaks exposed a diplomatic cable that revealed a report suppressed by the UK government that indicated that over a third of UK muslims in university supported Islamic terrorism.  In Pakistan democratic andliberal muslim politicians are being murdered by their own people for not being muslim enough.  Pakistan now hires foreign mercenaries to protect their MPs because they can’t trust their own people not to assassinate them.  Even in the UK, a Pakistani muslim politician (naturalised UK) was threaten by muslims for not being muslim enough.  Like Benazir Bhutto, Baroness Warsi is a prime candidate of death by irony.
And so I conclude, Islam is dangerous, and anyone who tells you otherwise needs to read the Koran, read these statistics and reconnect with reality.  The sooner Islam is abolished the sooner we’ll have world peace and it won’t be abolished if we don’t recognise it as a problem that needs fixing.  So pull your head out of your politically correct arse and reconnect with reality: Islam is a disease, it has no place in a civilised society and it isn’t racist to say such things.
(the above excerpt was borrowed from Radio Liberty Earth. The excerpt will be removed if requested by the author in the comments below)

And lastly, entitlement. No one is entitled to anything but their own death except by constitutional law of which Obama is trying to amend only EVERYTHING. 

And on one last note when having reasonable debates (not name calling, party bashing, angry piss matches) the biggest argument I have encountered from the left regarding Romney is his 5 point plan and how people just don't understand it or have completely no clue what it involves even after Romney has basically been a broken record about it for his entire campaign. 

This is what I think a great majority of uninformed liberals (now read that correctly. I am saying uninformed liberals. Not that all liberals are uninformed) see or hear when Romney explains his 5 point plan. For the record and to clear up all misconceptions. This is Romney's 5 point plan.


 • Increase access to domestic energy resources 
• Streamline permitting for exploration and development 
• Eliminate regulations destroying the coal industry 
• Approve the Keystone XL pipeline 

• Give every family access to a great school and quality teachers 
• Provide access to affordable and effective higher education options 
• Focus job training programs on building valuable skills that align with opportunities 
• Attract and retain the best and the brightest from around the world 

• Curtail the unfair trade practices of countries like China 
• Open new markets for American goods and services 
• Build stronger economic ties in Latin America 
• Create a Reagan Economic Zone to strengthen free enterprise around the world 

• Immediately reduce non-security discretionary spending by five percent 
• Cap federal spending below twenty percent of the economy 
• Give states responsibility for programs that they can implement more effectively 
• Consolidate agencies and align compensation of federal workers with their private-sector counterparts 

• Reduce taxes on job creation through individual and corporate tax reform 
• Stop the increases in regulation that are tangling job creators in red tape 
• Protect workers and businesses from strong-arm labor union tactics 
• Replace Obamacare with real health care reform that controls cost and improves care

Anymore questions?

Now, regardless of whether you agree with me or are wondering if you should continue reading my blog because we have 180 degree difference in views, GO OUT AND VOTE! Your ballots are in the mailbox if not already in your hands! DO IT NOW! This country needs your participation and your patriotism!!

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