Tuesday, October 16, 2012

So Over THIS Stage

The title of this post applies to so much right now. My daughters are 3 & 4 respectively and have generally been very well behaved, mild mannered little angels. My oldest went through the TERRIFYING THREES where there was significant strife and stress and craziness on both her end and mine. A lot of screaming and sticking her tongue out and making faces at me and a lot of me trying to remain composed. So now, apparently my 3 year old is going to go through that as well. Only my youngest crosses her arms, bows her head and cries and cries and cries and cries. No amount of coddling or threatening or trying to find out what is wrong stops the crying. She has to come out of it on her own and OMG it is so hard for me not to need to fix what is wrong RIGHT NOW. This is how I will grow this year, I suppose. I'll learn to be that much less of a control freak. But needless to say, I AM SO OVER THIS STAGE.

I'm kinda over this stage of 'the journey' also. I know, your first question is WHAT STAGE? And your second one is probably, you're only 2 days in, how can you be over it already? The stage I am talking about is wanting and wanting and wanting without putting forth the real effort to achieve what it is I want. My first day (the day before yesterday) was only half assed. No excuses. I made my choices. It's done. Yesterday I did very well ending at 1209 calories for the day. No more of this half assing stuff. I'm over, waiting. I'm over being fat. I'm just so over it.

And lastly I'm done waiting for tonight's political debate. I don't have to wait much longer and I am so psyched! I love the political debates. I love everything about it. The competition, the ideas of the candidates the outright lies, the half truths, the ideas on how to fix things, the ideas from the opposing side on why the other's ideas are ridiculous or not possible. It just makes me happy. Maybe it is my non-confrontational nature exploring confrontation, that in my opinion is productive. Unlike reality TV shows and other random drama that never really comes to a conclusion.

I'm also excited for election day. I have several friends who adamantly refuse to vote this year and I am appalled by their decision. Everyday our president and elected officials ranging from the White House down through to state and city level with governors and mayors decide where our money goes, how much of it we actually get. They decide about our children's education. They decide insurance availability, minimum wage and job training when it comes to your livelihood (your job). They decide ALL about your health care from private health care (which may soon be abolished?!) to public health care like medicare, medicaid and SS. There are just SO MANY REASONS TO VOTE and I hate the excuse 'well, I don't know enough about either candidate to make an educated decision.' THEN EDUCATE YOURSELF. Then there is the excuse 'well, I don't like either candidate because they both stand for things I don't believe in.' Well, pick your poison. What is absolutely most important to you and which candidate shares your opinion. PICK HIM. Don't ignore your privilege, your right and your obligation to vote.


  1. I heard that during the last election more people voted for the next flavor of Doritos than voted for president. That's just messed up!

  2. You aren't kidding! Shows what kind of society we live in. "If it doesn't directly affect us NOW, I don't care." Grrr... raises my hackles


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