Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Debates

I am beginning this post even before the debates are to begin. To say I am eagerly anticipating  the next 90 minutes is a slight understatement. But I will not talk about that right now. Instead, I will talk about this weight loss stuff. Breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack and I am sitting around 980 calories for the day which allows for some snackage during the debates. I may have a Smart Ones dessert or maybe a stick of string cheese. Depends on whether I need something salty or sweet I suppose. Haha, NEED. Riiiight! That is just a silly word to use and I should not express my WANT for a snack as a NEED any longer. I have always hated when I hear obese people say, "I'm starving,". I always think, 'Well, obviously you're not,' but then I wonder what I must say that has people raising an eyebrow and shaking their heads. I NEED is probably one of them when it comes to food. There are few things I NEED regarding food.

  • I NEED nutrition. A good balance of veggies, proteins and vitamins.
  • I NEED water.
And that's about all regarding food that I NEED. The rest is, plainly and simply, just WANT. 

I may return with more on the whole weight loss thing because I DO have more to say but I'll probably be all high on political combat, so we'll see. Until then!

I have returned and it is actually tomorrow. Well, it is today but from when this post originated it is tomorrow. I wonder if I have to change the time stamp.

Last night's debates were just fantastic as were all the follow up shows and the commentary on social sites such as Facebook. The faux pas of the night clearly goes to Candy Crowley for wrongly supporting a statement Obama made when she isn't supposed to be giving her opinion let alone taking sides with the candidates.

I was a little bored with Romney and his 5 point plan but only because that is all we hear about. I am not saying it would or wouldn't work and I am not saying that the plan is good or bad but hearing about it over and over again is getting monotonous. That said sometimes simplicity works best when the country is overburdened as it is.

Obama on the other hand woke up! I was impressed how well his debate classes worked! He actually stood up and gave Romney some competition.

Granted there were lies, outright and blatant lies, exaggerations, and a fair amount of 'beating around the bush' from both candidates but you know what I am tired of? Obama blaming everything (EVERYTHING) on the previous administration. He walked into a shitty mess but he has failed miserably in cleaning ANY OF IT up and I am tired of hearing about Bush. Bush is gone! Bush is done! Bush did what he did and there is no use crying over spilled milk. CLEAN IT UP or at least find a plan that will try to. Stop the blame game.

Said so many lazy ass people I know.

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