Thursday, November 8, 2012

F Stands for Fail & FIP

Today was supposed to be the day I returned to the gym. It was supposed to be the day I started anew. It was supposed to be the day that I said enough and meant it. Today, wasn't that day and it knew it before I even woke up.

You see, as I wrote in a previous post, I recently had food surgery. (Yes, I realize I wrote food, but it was too good of a Freudian slip to correct. YOU KNOW I MEANT FOOT - don't say you didn't know) Yep, okay so my incision is 97% healed and is only sore from time to time. I think I can handle walking or ellipticizing for 45-60 mins. So, to drag the story even deeper into history, my gym membership was a gift for Christmas last year from my grandparents. So, the monthly dues come out of their pocket and I am a 24 hour member that can use the gym whenever I want eh whenever I can beg and whine enough for someone to take my kids when my grandma offers to let me go and watch my heathens adorable little angels.

That being said, I attempted to freeze my membership when I had surgery because I knew I would be off my feet for a couple months. They told me there was a minimum 3 month freeze and that I needed to come in to do it. By the time I initiated the freeze I had already had surgery so I physically could not come in. My grandma who is quite literally a saint told me she had no problem going in, signing the papers and freezing my membership.

Fast forward to last night, my grandma has been talking to me about going back to the gym for a while now and told me she wanted me to start the day after the elections when stress had died down and she could focus on the girls. I said okay, but questioned her about the duration of the freeze. She said it was 2 months. I didn't bother arguing with her even though I wasn't sure how she calculated freezing it at the end of September and it renewing on November first as equaling 2 months. I just shrugged it off. But last night she was insistent that I go today and I just felt it in my gut that I needed to verify that my account had been thawed unfrozen. And thankfully I did call because according to the person who answered, it wasn't expected to be thawed unfrozen until JANUARY 10th!

My grandma, who I called a saint earlier had some very unsaintly things to say about that and told me she would go to the gym to smooth everything out because I was going to go tomorrow for sure, SO HELP HER GOD.

2 weeks post op after removal of stitches
3rd type of cast and compression sock in
2 weeks to make sure the stupid thing heals properly
So, tomorrow, God so help my grandma, I will be starting regular attendance at the gym once again. OH BOY! - Nah, I am actually kinda excited. I missed going. But let's just say today was a huge GYM FAIL.

Now as for FIP, I'm a little aggravated. Remember in my last post I called for prayers and well wishes for my kitty. Well, her vet says it appears she has FIP (Feline Infectious Peritonitis) which is terminal, has no cure and cats just don't recover from it. So, I cried like a baby, I bawled at dinner, I thought about how unfair it is to fall in love with an animal just to have it die a sad death for seemingly no reason. I finally adjust to the news and I accept it. They said as long as she remained hydrated and continued to eat without any lethargy that she wasn't knocking on deaths door and to just give her the best quality of life we could. Then I find out, when I spoke to her vet over the phone with some new questions, that it wasn't really a diagnosis but it appears that is what her symptoms point to. I then spoke with an animals hospital that specializes in cats and only cats and then the humane society and they all say that it appears that she has a couple FIP symptoms but that it could be so many other things too. I really hope it is something else. Poor Mumba, whatever it is she has a horrible (and chronic) URI (upper respiratory infection) I just want the kitten to be healthy.

So, now I am sitting here racking my brain for something else to write. I have a funny bathroom story including some strange antics on my part, my sleeping children who suddenly aren't sleeping anymore and me repeating more crazy antics, but my story telling brain is not on tonight and without the ability to make it funny, well, it just wouldn't be funny and it would turn into one of those embarrassing 'you had to be there stories' where you're laughing because you remember how funny it was but everyone else is looking at you with one raised eyebrow or smirking because they think you're an idiot or hiding their face with their hands because they are indeed so embarrassed for you.

Thus ends tonight's post. As usual ....

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