Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Gobbledy Gook and Poor Mumba

The Halloween stuff really needs to come down but I cannot gather the energy to get up and just do it. I have random orange leaves hanging from my wall decorations, fake spider riddled garland everywhere, pumpkin stuffed animals, red/orange/yellow fall leaves, window decals of Halloween Scooby Doo and Disney characters. I still have costumes and face paint and Halloween makeup lying around and just so much to clean up and put away that I am feeling quite put out by the whole idea. I suppose I don't have to clean up the leaves but really those are only a very small part of the mess.

Then as if the mess isn't daunting enough, I still have Thanksgiving turkey mumbo jumbo to put out. Turkey stuffed animals, cornucopia crap... yeah, I really am usually much more enthusiastic and full of holiday cheer than I am right now.

I guess I am just feeling overwhelmed. Christmas is coming up and my children just DO NOT NEED ANY MORE TOYS. I think I could easily fill a small toy store with all the toys they have including a generous collection of horses, figurine animals, Barbies and dolls. Including dress up clothes, dress up shoes, accessories that put me as an adult woman to shame and those annoying small Polly Pocket type dolls that you can never find the clothes to and one of my daughters always has a fit because she can't find the other shoe that is about the size of a mouse booger. Have you ever tried finding one of those Polly Pocket type doll shoes in a mess of toys that are literally bigger than life? Not to mention ever actually succeeding at finding it?! I have. It is one of those motherly duties that most mothers I think would rather pull their own wisdom teeth than do on a regular basis, and by regular basis I mean every 15 minutes when the shoe randomly falls off the dolls foot and inevitably gets lost in the carpet.

I guess I am also stressed because our little kitten Miss Emma aka Mumba is sick. It might be very benign and as simple as a chronic URI or something but we fear it might be a terminal feline disease called peritonitis. Poor Miss has all the symptoms of a URI that have lasted and lasted for months now and recently her belly started swelling. Thankfully she doesn't exhibit other symptoms of FIP, such as lethargy, loss of appetite, diarrhea, weight loss or anything else. So we are praying that she will be okay.

Your prayers are greatly appreciated too.

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