Sunday, November 18, 2012

Not Horrible, but Still Bad

Week Weight Difference BMI Difference2
Height: 5'4"      Start 332.2lbs 57
1 332.8lbs 0.6 57.1 0.1
2 lbs
3 lbs
4 lbs
Body Start Wk 1 Wk2  Wk3 Wk4
Neck 14.5 14.5
Biceps x2 18x2 18x2
Forearms x2 11x2 11x2
Wrists x2 6.5x2 6.5x2
Chest Over Boobs 49 49
Chest Under Boobs 44.5 44
Waist 51.5 51.5
Hips 68.5 68.5
Thighs x2 33.5x2 33x2
Knees x2 24x2 24x2
Calves x2 17x2 17x2
Ankles x2 10x2 10x2

0.6lbs gained and 1" total loss.

The humdinger of all compulsive food addicts nightmares is coming in T-4 days. I'm praying I get ill or something so that I don't eat myself into a coma. Not the right frame of mind, right? I know. I really do.

Tomorrow I spend the day with the boyfriend, aka my ex-husband, aka my girls' daddy because it is the day he has off and sees the girls. I cannot leave them alone with him because of trust issues and his lack of common sense and logic when it comes to their, health, safety and all around well being. Some Mondays I wish I could say, 'not today'. But I can't and that is just part of my life. Tomorrow the winds are supposed to be between 30-80mph. Not looking forward to that, especially having to be out in it with the familia. I am hoping to take the girls to see a movie and/or go to a craft store and buy the necessities to make some wreaths for our apartment, inside and out. That is one plus to 'day with daddy'. We get to buy stuff that we otherwise wouldn't have the financial luxury of buying.

The rain is pounding outside my window and I am sitting in the glow of a newly unboxed Christmas tree with lights and a few ornaments on it. The girls wanted to decorate early and so my little apartment is decked out in gold, silver and red/white candy cane garland. Santa, snow man and stocking decorations are hung about. Ornaments and tinsel trees are randomly placed and the Mexican Christmas dolls my girls' daddy bought them are sitting beneath the tree. I would have Christmas music playing too except the girls are sleeping and I'm afraid it would wake them.

And now I will sleep too. Or maybe play a little Pocket Frogs. I should really do some squats. ((sigh))


PS - NOTE TO SELF: I really need to stop grinding my teeth.

-Says Doctor Google


  1. I used to have huge cravings and binges, but I fixed that by not eating carbs/sugars in the morning. Carbs make a person want to eat more carbs. It's a vicious cycle. Try something like scrambled eggs with a small slice of cheese melted on top. It helps curb cravings/binges.

    Don't worry about gaining half a pound. That's certainly not the end of the world. Just make sure it goes back down again.

    :-) Marion

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