Saturday, December 8, 2012

Day 3

This was obviously made by a bitter husband.
Regardless it applies to me. 
I pulled out all the stops on my Zumba hour today. I bounced and I swiveled and I tapped and bopped and swayed and gyrated ... and now the spurs in my heels and my plantar fascitis are acting up. It could be that I not only pulled out all the stops for Zumba hour with all my rhythmic awesomeness and then proceeded to take a three hour market trip to the market, running (short sprints) up and down the aisles to make things less boring for my girls who have a less than stellar track record as of late at the grocery store.

I did well eating today. (Insert the choir of angels singing hallelujah!)

Coffee after Zumba with 1/4 cup cream which is 70 calories. The cream in my coffee is the one thing I  will not deny myself. I need the coffee to ward off migraines and the coffee just isn't right without the cream. It is what it is.

I had a turkey cranberry wrap (Garlic & Herb tortilla, cranberry spread, lowfat cream cheese, lettuce and turkey) for 320 cals for lunch with a handful of Lays chips. I didn't count them but I am going to estimate high just in case and say 2 servings worth which would be 260 cals. Total for lunch was 580 cals.

For dinner I made a homemade smoothie with frozen peaches, a fresh banana and some milk. I estimated that at 440 cals and then because I needed something with a bit more substance I had a sandwich thin with Garlic & Herb Laughing Cow cheese and several slices of Mesquite Deli Turkey which added up to about 185 calories and for dessert I had a 90 calorie Fiber One brownie.

I ended the day at 1446 calories consumed. If I go by the Zumba calorie calculator that estimates by weight, intensity and duration of exercise, I burned approximately 1012 calories just doing Zumba. I did not estimate the calories burned walking and sprinting all over the market because, well, I just count that as every day chores.

On a TMI note I have been taking the depo-provera birth control shot for going on 2 years now. My last shot was in July and they are due every 3 months to maintain effectiveness. When I was 20 I came off depo after having been on it for a similar duration and it took 8 months after the last shot was due that I never took for my period to return. This time my shot was due in early October. It is now early December (2 months since when my last shot was due) and guess what I found this morning? Yep, the big RED P had reared her ugly cramp inducing head. ((sigh)) I am now torn whether to continue on with the shot and live in no-period bliss but have all those synthetic hormones racing through my body doing God knows what damage, or if I should allow my body to regulate. The two downsides to regulating; 1- I get periods and they are horrible. 2 - I don't want more children. It 'tis quite the conundrum.

So now I sit here and I feel like I should be enjoying the quiet while my children are sleeping and there is nothing to do but whatever I want to do. In reality though my eyelids feel like there are mini ship anchors attached to them and my entire body ACHES. My pillow is calling in a soft whisper, 'come sleep. Commmeee sleeeeepppp. You know you want to.'

But I'm going to sit here for 5 more minutes and try to enjoy the peace and quiet and my me time before I do what I actually want to do and go to bed.


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