Saturday, December 29, 2012

I'm Going Mental Medical

In 2010 when I first truly attempted what I thought would be long term weight loss there was another bloggers whose blog was Jewlia Goulia. She no longer blogs but we weighed similarly when we began which was around the same time and when four months later I was sputtering and taking a nose dive into failure, she was thriving. To this day she has lost 160+lbs and has been noted for her self portraits on her weight loss journey. For the longest time I was jealous of her. She had achieved what I had failed at. She had become thin. I was still morbidly obese. But recently she posted something on her Facebook page that had me take a step back and realize I have nothing to be jealous of. She was talking about indulging in all the holiday foods but she had preceded that comment with, "Even though [my husband and] I don't celebrate Christmas ..."

Don't get me wrong. I have nothing against atheists, agnostics, or people with other religious beliefs than my own. I suppose my point is that everything I do, everything that happens to me, I attribute to God and know that it is always part of His plan. So, it made me sad. It made me sad, knowing how fulfilled having Christian faith can be and how horrible it would be to not have that overflowing abundance of fulfillment when I achieved what Julia did.

That is my random thought for the day.

In other news, on Monday I will be calling my doctor to make an appointment with a dietitian to see how many calories I should be eating and if my plan is doable (healthy), how much I should be exercising etc. For example, is it sufficient to do an hour of Zumba every other day with 30 minute abs and toning on the off days? Or should there be more? Less? What should I do specifically to boost weight loss and not necessarily gain a ton of muscle?

Regardless of when that appointment is scheduled for, though, I am going to be starting what I call the Box Diet on Tuesday. I have been slammed and ridiculed for this diet before but it works when I stick to it (just like anything else) and it is super easy with respect to cooking and choices. I will continue with this particular plan unless the doctor tells me to modify/change it.

What is the box diet?

Breakfast always includes: 

1 very large cup of coffee w/ 1/4 cup half and half - 70 cals
1 bottle of water - 0 cals

Breakfast could include 1 of the following:

Bagel thin w/ 2 TBSP cream cheese - 170 Cals
Regular bagel with 2 laughing cow cream cheese triangles - 295 cals
Homemade muffin + banana - 240 cals
1 fried egg + 1 bagel thin + 1 Slice American Cheese Singles - 240 cals
1 Smart Ones (Weight Watchers) Breakfast (Boxed meal) - 200-300 cals

Lunch always includes:

1 bottle of water - 0 cals
1 Smart Ones Meal - 230-395 cals

Dinner always includes:

1 bottle of water - 0 cals
1 Smart Ones Meal - 230-395 cals

Snack between lunch and dinner could include one of the following:

100 cal pack - 100 cals
1 piece of fruit - 125 cals max
Unlimited veggie (carrots, cucumbers, celery, peppers etc)

Snack after dinner could include one of the following:

Smart Ones dessert - 130-150 cals
100 cal pack - 100 cals

1 piece of fruit - 125 cals max
Unlimited veggie (carrots, cucumbers, celery, peppers etc)

So, with this plan, if I eat the max calorie option for each meal my daily calories would come out to 1,435 cals.

** Interlude to discipline my daughter who decided after I explicitly told her it was not okay to use adult scissors (which are extremely sharp) and to go find hers (the special rounded tip kind) that it was okay to get the adult scissors anyway and cut up a whole bunch of paper all over the place. Grrrr

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  1. Hi Misc! I think your regulated food idea, is a very good one. I have a daily systemic formula too.

    The one thing I would change is to eat mainly protein for breakfast, with no bagels, muffins, or similar carbs for breakfast. When I stopped eating carbs for breakfast, I stopped having carb cravings all day long, which made losing weight so much easier and faster. Much faster and much easier. You owe it to yourself to experiment with this. It is pretty simple to lose weight if there are no cravings.

    I grew up in a very religious family, so I understand what you are saying about God's plan. However, what if you treated eating too much is simply an objective mathematical caloric formula without much sentiment involved? It would cause you much less stress, and God loves you no matter what anyway.

    :-) Marion


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