Sunday, January 20, 2013

Birthday Fail and Don't You Chew Gum While You're Talking to Me!

Like I mentioned yesterday, today was supposed to be a celebration of both my uncle's dad and my grandpa's birthdays. We were supposed to gather as one huge family and celebrate and while I am thankful that I was not tempted with a ton of yummy food and cake or pie I am sad that it didn't happen. Apparently the hostess of the party, my aunt, became ill with a fever and so the whole thing was cancelled.

So after some confusion about breakfast, and after breakfast which was a veggie omelette some breakfast potatoes and a biscuit with coffee and creamer (not the healthiest but I fixed the rest of my day to fit it in) we went to my mom's place of work which happens to be the big superstore of the small town we live in. NO IT ISN'T WALMART. Anyway, the girls and I went in and we walked toward the place where parents can drop off their kids to play while they shop. I don't generally send them in there but there was really nothing else to do except go home (or take them to the toy aisle to window shop where whining about wanting a new toy would surely ensue) I asked Sassy and Breezy if they wanted to play. Sassy said yes. Breezy said no. Sassy went in. I asked Breezy why she didn't want to play. She said because there is another girl in there. ((sigh)) My anti-social child. But then as though if on cue the girl had to go potty, the attendant called for her mother to come pick her up and when the mother arrived she decided to take the girl out of the play place permanently. I asked Breezy, do you want to go in now and of course she gave me an emphatic yes. So in they went to play with filthy, chewed on, germ riddled, new toys that other little gremlins had played with.

I went to go say hi to my mom who was working at the customer service desk. I walked up only to see that she had a line of people and there were only two of them at the desk. I waited through two customers until this fat ass buttface very wide, heavy set man waddled walked up to my mom, threw down his merchandise in front of her and right in her face said, "Don't you chew that gum while you're talking to me!"

*Employees are allowed to chew gum while they work and my mom isn't one of those annoying gum
snapper/smacker/chomper/popper/chewers with open mouth. She chews very politely with her lips closed and makes sure it is in the back side of her mouth when she is talking.

Anyway, I couldn't believe my ears and my mom who is very relaxed and very nonchalant about this kind of stuff thought the guy was joking. But she quickly realized he wasn't when he said, "No, you throw your gum away. Don't talk to me while you're chewing gum."

My mom (who I am sure was embarrassed and angry) promptly knelt down to the trash can and spit the gum out. The dumbass man continues to berate her for her rudeness and asks her if she's allowed to chew gum. She tells him yes. He reiterates that it is rude and very unprofessional. By now my mom is irate that he doesn't just drop it. For heaven's sake she threw it away! And she tells him that it's better to chew gum then blow rancid breath in peoples' faces. He tells her that when he worked at this store he would have been fired for chewing gum. Yeah, great, right. Then he continues to yell at her about the item he is returning. With, I am sure, all the patience she could muster she asked if he would like to exchange it or return it and he yells at her that OF COURSE HE WANTS TO EXCHANGE IT FOR ONE THAT ACTUALLY WORKS! She tells him to go ahead and go get one and he storms away.

Mind you the people at the customer service desk are specially trained for the service desk and though they don't officially have a higher ranking, they do know more about the store and are trusted greatly with bigger responsibilities compared to cashiers.

The other girl at the customer service desk was giggling so hard and I was dumbfounded. My mom had to take a breather and stepped back, not taking another customer. She stood at the lotto machine doing something for quite a few minutes and then turned back around and took another customer. I am sure at least 10 minutes passed and when the jackass old fart didn't return my mom pulled out another stick of gum and popped it in her mouth and who to her wondering eyes would appear literally 5 seconds later but the friggin butthole dude who was so rude. He walks up to her, totally cutting in front of everyone else in line and my mom says, "Sorry, I just popped in another piece of gum so I won't be able to help you. Heather will help you, but you'll need to get in line." And she walked away.


So, then we came home, I did my zumba hour and now I must prepare mentally to see Mr. A tomorrow.

Tuesday is weigh in day with progress photos and measurements. I'm looking forward to it.

Until tomorrow!


  1. WTG Mom! haha. what a freakin jerk. Customer service jobs can be hell sometimes but its good to keep your head held high. On a different note - my son had a book very similar to that one in the picture you posted with the same illustrations but it was the Yes Yes No No book. lol. One page had Yes Yes things on it and the next page would have No No things on it. :)

  2. I think if I were in your mother's shoes, I would have been so tempted to tell that guy " I chew gum so my breath won't smell like yours". She has some really good self control.

  3. I once tried to return a defective game to a local store. I had the receipt and everything, but they would not take the game because the customer service told me that they did not sell that game, and I was trying to return something I bought at a different store. That was untrue, and I pointed out to them--why would I buy this same brand of game at the same exact time at a different store!!!!! I did not shop at that store for over a year. Store that make me made do not get my business.

    :-) Marion


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