Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Day 2 In All Its Glory

I pinched or over extended something in my neck last night while leaning over to kiss Breezy goodnight. So today my neck feels like a restricted hot coil and like it might burst loose at any moment. Regardless I did my hour of Zumba this morning (and I did the extra Zumba last night also) I will probably do it again tonight too. The 20 minute Abs is THE BEST workout for the stomach and core I HAVE EVER EXPERIENCED and THANKFULLY requires no floor work. It is all done standing. I have an inverted tail bone so I ABSOLUTELY CANNOT LAY ON THE FLOOR - not even with a floor mat or pad. It has to be as soft as a mattress or it is completely impossible.

Breakfast this morning were an enormous (21oz) and a medium (16oz) cup of coffee. I really needed the extra caffeine from the lack of sleep the night before due to the pinched/over extended whatever it is in my neck. Which means I used double the half and half that I usually would but it still fits into my day. I also had 2 packets of instant oatmeal and 2 pineapple halves.



Lunch was a Lean Cuisine but I don't remember what it was called. Fish with rice and it was actually really good. I also had two pineapple halves again and a bottle of water. Diet Coke is pictured but I took a sip and decided I didn't want it and stuck it back in the fridge for when I did want it.

I had a snack pack blueberry muffin pudding that I forgot to take a picture of.

And for dinner (which I also unfortunately was too busy trying to prepare in lieu of eating at my grandparents' house that I forgot to take a picture of it too) I had a Smart Ones Teriyaki Chicken with Rice, a piece of French bread and for dessert a 1/2 scoop of Blue Bunny Vanilla ice cream.

That brings me to approximately 1485 calories.

Plus my hour of Zumba this morning and my Zumba Abs this evening.

Now I am sipping on that Diet Coke I didn't drink earlier while finishing this post and then I am going to watch the new episode of Parenthood. LOVE THAT SHOW.

Oh, I have been looking everywhere for a Body Bugg or Body Media that is used and for sale and everywhere I have found one it is already sold or the seller isn't too prompt in getting back to me. Does anyone have one? Is it that paramount in your success? I want one but I am unsure if I want one for the actual benefit I may get from it or if it is just a gadget that I will spend money on and throw in a drawer somewhere when I get tired of it. What do you think?

Until tomorrow ...

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