Sunday, January 6, 2013

Day 6 and Eating Out

I woke up this morning to Breezy screaming bloody murder because Mumba (kitty) had scratched her eye. In Mumba's defense Breezy is not to be trusted around the kitties. She finds too much pleasure in squeezing the cotton out of them and sticking them in dark closed in spaces like clothing drawers and pantries. So she most likely deserved the scratching but she is still MY BABY so I was a bit put out with the cat. Regardless Breezy's eye is okay. I think what made it worse was that last night Breezy and Sassy had been wrestling and Breezy was kicked in the same eye by Sassy, so I was a bit worried about that eye. 

Zumba followed and I got the pouty face look from Sassy because it is 'morning Zumba' and she knows that morning Zumba is an hour which she says 'takes forevvvvvvveeerr'. Why the time bothers her, I'm not sure but she much prefers my afternoon Zumba Abs because it's only 20ish minutes. Apparently an hour is too long to not have mom's attention. I'm sore today. Pretty sore actually but I pushed through. Monday's are my exercise break day because I have to hang out with Mr. A all day so my muscles will get the needed break tomorrow.  

Breakfast was a Smart Ones quesadilla, banana and coffee. Lunch was a protein shake of sorts that included frozen strawberries, skim milk, whey protein and dry oatmeal and a serving of cashews. 

Later this afternoon we are going out for dinner, to a burger joint of all places but I have already decided what I am going to have. It is actually a burger joint with Mediterranean themes so I will order a lamb/beef gyro a la carte. For anyone who doesn't know what a gyro is, it is a meat mixture of lamb and beef topped with tomato, red onion, tsatziki sauce all in a pita type flatbread. The image to the right is from google images but I will post a picture of what mine looks like later. So, I will just say no to the fries or tater tots that come with and it should be just fine. I think it will put me about 80 calories over for the day (1580) but that is okay. 

I will be doing Zumba abs later this evening. I really really love zumba abs. It is an absolutely amazing workout and I wish I could extend it to the hour workout and condense my hour workout to 20 mins. I only wish Zumba created a full body stretch video because after all that high intensity dancing the 5 minute cool down is just not quite sufficient to stretch out all the kinks. Especially in my waist and shoulders. 

And now it is time for the hour long process of straightening my mane of wild wild curls. Wish me luck.

Until later ...

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