Monday, January 7, 2013

Day 7 - Today Sucked, But Not How You Might Imagine

As I had mentioned before, Mondays we spend with Mr. A (aka the girls' dad) His and my relationship is a strange one to say the least. We were married. We aren't anymore. We aren't just friends, but we aren't 'together'. It is a very odd dynamic for sure. Anyway, we had a bit of a falling out last night. He wants something from me that I am not willing to give to him. He thinks he deserves it and that I owe it to him. I think he's full of himself, slightly selfish, slightly spoiled and that the combo does not make for good circumstances, especially when he has children to think about.

No words of goodnight were spoken between us through text or phone call which just doesn't happen unless we are fighting and this morning he called an hour before we were supposed to see him to let me know he was sick. Well, that was his beginning story. In all honesty he sounded like death warmed over on the phone. His voice was barely audible. He said he didn't think it was a good idea to see the girls because he didn't want to give them whatever he had. I agreed and sighed, relieved that he had made that decision. My relief was short lived though. He then followed that up with, but I want to see them so much. After several loooooooong minutes of me sitting silent and listening to him hem and haw about whether he should or should not see them we decided we would see him when he was feeling better. He asked if he could tell Sassy. (Breezy doesn't usually want anything to do with him, especially over the phone) But when I handed her to the phone I could hear him telling her that we were going to go to breakfast anyway and basically everything exactly the opposite of what he had just told me. They hung up and I texted him, calling him out about telling me one thing and Sassy another and then about doing what he wants in the moment vs what is actually good for the girls. (The girls really couldn't care less if they see him)

I got a few calls from him later while we were running errands but I didn't feel like talking so I texted him back that we were running errands and that was why I hadn't answered. He knew that is what I had to do anyway and we had originally planned for him to tag along. He then came up with this sob story about how he had driven the 45 miles from his apartment to our house to see us but we weren't there. Then he drove around the town looking for us but couldn't find us. Stalker much? He then went on to let me know that he doesn't want to hear from me ever again unless it is about his daughters. All in one humongously long text. O-K-Then. Random much?

Par for the course to add the the obnoxiousness of today; a family member who is suffering from emphysema  went to the hospital for the one hundred millionth time. We all love her very much but she refuses to stop smoking or drinking and so it is very difficult to watch her abuse herself literally to death and hear of her almost every other day jaunts to the hospital. In addition to that I had two appointments today. I was 5 minutes early to one and they made me wait about 20 minutes after my scheduled appointment to be seen. I arrived on time at my other appointment only to find that the paperwork would not be ready for another two hours and I had to pass time in a not so friendly part of town 30 minutes away from home with my 3 and 4 year old while we waited. And lastly, as I was pulling the fish out of the oven that I had made for Sassy and Breezy I was preoccupied in my thoughts and passed the oven hot dish from my oven mitted hand to my other naked hand. Can you say Holy mother of Jacob! That hurt so friggin bad. So, yeah, the sides of my fingers and palm are nicely burned now.

Food today is not pictured due to the stress of the day but was as follows:

Breakfast: Jack in the box grilled sandwich and coffee with cream

Lunch: Grande Chai latte and 1 serving cashews (no time for anything else)

Snack: Fiber One 90 calorie brownie

Dinner: Protein shake including skim milk, whey protein, banana, frozen peaches and a packet of splenda which made it wayyyyyy too sweet and I ended up only drinking 3/4 of the glass.

Just under 1500 cals for the day

Week one weigh in, measurements and progress photo tomorrow. Then I will Zumba my heart out and proceed to do my months shopping after. Mucho ejercicio manana! Yep yep.

Until then...

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  1. Sorry about your burn! Ow. But you did very well on your food, despite everything.

    :-) Marion


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