Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Day (uh) 9

Like many people (as was obvious as I walked into the federal building across from the courthouse and saw mobs of people waiting outside the trustee's courtroom) I filed for bankruptcy recently and had my creditors meeting today. It went well and with a little bit of patience, all the debt my ex husband accrued for me will be discharged within the next 60 days.

Mr. A was being a buttface today. He threatened to cut my phone line and when he asked me where and for how long I would be letting him see the girls on Monday I said here at my house from 1-4. You see, that is where we stand right now. He is pissed. God only knows why. He threatens then plays the submissive role, then tries to dominate by saying he will not come to my house and that he wants to go to the mall. I tell him I don't want to spend 3 hours at the mall buying things the girls don't need and that his visitation time should be spent focusing on his relationship with them, getting to know them, playing and talking with them. Which he responds to with the lovely little gum drop that he is going to seek legal advice. Well, all right. If you insist. He doesn't realize that his threats while theatrical at best and completely asinine at worst are not going to make me change my mind about something regarding the well being of my children. It is not healthy to take a 3 and 4 year old once a week to the mall to shop like money is limitless and space for toys is infinite when they get to spend time with daddy. The point of being a parent is TO BE A PARENT. Not to be a Disneyland dad or Santa Reincarnate which is exactly what Mr. A is. He doesn't like to do the work of getting to know the girls. He doesn't like to do what he needs to do or what a responsible adult should/would/could do. He likes to take the easy route and buy their love and affection because IT MAKES HIM FEEL GOOD.

Meanwhile there is a whole host of reasons why even if he seeks legal advice or assistance nothing is going to change. On the very small chance he reads this I will not list those reasons. No reason to give a heads up to the ignorant, right? And if he isn't ignorant about the things he does that could potentially hurt the girls emotionally or mentally then he is just plain stupid.

I had coffee with half and half this morning on my way downtown for my meeting with the Trustee. When I got home around noon I had a Lean Cuisine salad and a Fiber One brownie. I zumba'd for an hour and then a little later had a Thomas everything bagel with 2TBSP whipped cream cheese. And for dinner I had probably around 3 cups of spaghetti and sauce. It really is hard to not accept seconds of my grandparents' sauce. O-M-G so good. I also had a little less than a cup of caesar salad, and a piece of french bread. For dessert I had a 20 calorie cake cone with 1/2 scoop of Dryers coffee ice cream. It wasn't a good calorie day. I went about 800 over. Can we say stress induced? Yes we can but I am not giving excuses. I then did my Zumba abs and put the girls to bed.

My average daily calorie burn if marked accurately by my body bug is approximately 3800 calories when doing Zumba in the morning and then Zumba Abs at night. Obviously my eating today was off, but excluding one other day out of these 9 where I went significantly over (by about 400) I have been pretty spot on with the most going over 1500 was on day 7 at 1528. So if my average calories consumed is about 1500 (sometimes a lot less and rarely a lot more) and my calorie burn is 3800 then my daily deficit is approximately 2300 calories. Multiply that by 6 (because that is how many days I work out) and you have a total of 13,800 calories burned. Each pound is 3500 calories so if you divide 13,800 by 3500 each week I should be losing a minimum of 3.94lbs. Woot!!

I am not a fan of math unless it is math that is telling me I should lose almost 4lbs a week just by doing what I'm doing. Nice! And just for the hell of it, if I currently weigh 330.2 and my goal is 150 that means I have 180.2lbs left to lose. If I only lose those 4lbs every week I will be 150lbs in 45 weeks which would be November 12, 2013.


And my next prediction is that within the next 10 minutes I will be sleeping soundly in my bed.

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