Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Follow Up Post Weigh In Shtuff

Last night sucked so bad! Sassy coughed and coughed and just could not stay asleep. I slept propped up so she could sleep on me propped up and even then she hacked and coughed and choked and it was just awful. 

Which brings me to this morning and my weigh in which I was very happy with and my measurements which I am even happier with and my progress photos which, meh, they're getting there. 

My gramma brought coffee as is our every other morning tradition and we talked about life. Particularly Mr. A who told me in many many more words than this, that he doesn't ever want to get back with me for XY & Z but would I please let him take us to Disneyland. WTF? Who starts out a conversation, "I promised to love and cherish you till death do us part but I've decided I don't want you anymore, even though I still do love and cherish you and oh by the way can we all go to Disneyland like one big happy family?" ????? I mean seriously, he must be on something.

After that hilarious conversation we did our hour of Zumba and we both moaned and groaned. My gramma because she has taken such a long weekend break from it and me because my children would not just sit down and behave for the hour to let me finish my workout!

By the time we were done with our workout it was nearly lunch time and all I had for breakfast was my coffee and creamer. My gramma had planned to watch the girls while I ran to get the required emissions test for my car and then renew my registration. 

(I THINK IT IS SO STUPID THAT A 2008 CAR HAS TO HAVE AN EMISSIONS TEST. But here in WA all cars do, I guess - such a waste of $15) 

Anyway, so I hopped in my car and drove down Main Street where I decided I was going to need to eat. Not a lot on Main Street except fast food. Burgerville, McDonalds, Jack in the Box etc. I decided I would do as little damage as possible and get a 4 piece chicken nugget kids meal from McD's because it is 310 cals for the whole meal including apple slices. However, there were at least 4 cars in EACH lane of the double laned drive through and I needed to get going and get back so my daughters didn't drive my gramma out of her mind.

I drove to Jack in the Box which is directly across from the gas station where I needed gas and ordered the burger with the least calories. (Jack in the box labels their drive thru menu with calorie content) I then got gas and was on my way to the emission testing center.

The drive there was uneventful except that it took nearly 20 minutes longer than the normal 20 minute drive because of road construction. When I did finally arrive I felt like I was being arrested and charged for something. As I pull up the emissions lady growls at me, "Payment." I hand her my debit card. She runs it, hands it back to me and growls again, "Step out of the vehicle and go sit over there." She points to a plastic chair that is 3/4 enclosed in glass walls. I sit, sip my diet coke, wait and wait and freeze to death because it is 30 degrees outside and the drafty blowing under the garage of the emission center has got to have a windchill of at most 20 but I imagine less. When the check was done she waves at me hastily, "Take a seat in the vehicle and I will bring your report if you passed." Which of course my car that is only 5 years old with less than 45,000 miles on it did. 

On the way home as I drove through the stupid construction a song came on that had me really thanking God for showing me that I am okay without Mr. A because I had really been struggling in my mind and heart. Let it Fade by Jeremy Camp:

Have you been walking on a surface that's uncertain?Have you helped yourself to everything that's empty?You can't live this way too longThere's more than this, more than this
Have you been standing on your own feet too long?Have you been looking for a place where you belong?You can rest, you will find restYou can rest, you will find rest

Let this old life crumble, let it fadeLet this new life offered be your saving graceLet this old life crumble, let it fadeLet it fade

Have you been holding on to what this world has offered?Have you been giving in to all these masquerades?It will be gone, forever goneIt will be gone, it will be gone

Are you carrying the weight too much?You're running from the call, let it fadeYou can rest, you will find restYou can rest, you will find rest

Have you been standing on your own feet too long?Have you been looking for a place where you belong?

I cried a little, prayed a lot and was able to get to the Driver Licensing place in one piece. 

After that the day went by in a whirlwind of putting together closet paraphernalia for my new room in my apartment, hanging hilarious cat photos that remind me of myself, children smacking themselves with vomit buckets and jumping off tables and bruising their butts. 

And unfortunately I stress ate to the tune of 600 extra calories. 

I am not happy with myself. I am not happy that I caved to my stress. But I do acknowledge it and it isn't so detrimental as to make me sway from my goal. For the rest of the week I just need to be extra careful and of course Zumba my ever loving heart out.

Because I plan to lose at least 15lbs in February due to the short month and at least another 20lbs in March. Goals people. Goals. I can do this. You can do this. We can all do this. WE JUST HAVE TO ACTUALLY WANT TO DO IT AS BAD AS WE SAY WE DO. RIGHT? RIGHT!


Mr. A is texting me right now as I type this. He is telling me about how sick he feels and how he has this chronic headache. He told me he needs vitamins and all the stuff a husband complains to his wife about. I am taking the less is more approach and just agreeing with whatever he says. I really do not know what else to say.

And tomorrow is a new day. 

God bless, my friends!


  1. My goal for February is 4 pounds. That's 1 pound per week. It's not huge, but at that pace I can make my March goal. If I can lose more - that'd be great.

  2. Awe I really like Jeremy Camp! Thx for posting those lyrics. I think you might become a professional eye roller when it comes to Mr. A! I know I would.


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