Sunday, January 27, 2013

How Would You Calculate These Calories?

I have my own recipe for Chicken Chowder

The ingredients are as follows: 3 Leeks, 1 large white Onion, Thyme, parsley, Basil leaves, 3 Celery stalks, a can of Carrots, 1 bell pepper, 1lb Potatoes, 3 chopped chicken breast, 2 boxes chicken broth, 1 cup 2% milk, and 2 TBSP butter (to soften/brown some of the veggies)

Not Mine
This is taken from Google
BUT this is very similar to what mine looks like
My gramma attempted the recipe several nights ago but the leeks, onion, celery and bell peppers are supposed to be chopped finely or minced. Well, I don't know if she didn't read my instructions or she just didn't want to but we ended up with huge chunks of these veggies in the chowder. Yuck!! Nothing like chewing on a huge chunk of leek. Anyway, we ate it that way the first night, but tonight I thought it might feel good on Sassy's sore throat. However, I knew she would NOT eat all those huge onions and celery and leeks. So, I scooped out all the potatoes, chicken and carrots and poured the rest in the blender. Then I poured it all into the pot and added the potatoes, chicken and carrots. After I served Breezy and Sassy their bowls I went to serve myself a bowl and found there to be only 'broth' left. I guess there were a few minuscule chunks of potatoes and very minimal chicken pieces that counted more as chicken strings, haha and NO CARROTS (sad)

So, I ended up eating around 3 cups of the broth which contained mostly blended leeks, onion, celery, thyme, bell pepper, the chicken broth and the milk and butter from the chowder.

How would YOU go about calculating the calories or would you just take a wild guess?

I just cannot wrap my mind around it.



  1. Yeahhhh good luck with that one. LOL

  2. Sounds mostly like a broth with some veggies (which are negligible) and a wee bit of chicken. I'd probably guesstimate it a bit. I use SparkPeople and enter calories that way. Sometimes a best guess is the only way. At least your're still journaling it.

  3. Thanks for your comment, not home made it's commercially prepared and the sodium counts are crazy at camp

  4. Its really confusing..LOL.

    Thanks for dropping by my blog :) and following me --gfollowing you back on blogger/twitter!

  5. I have no idea how to figure that. I'm doing WW so I'd probably just guess it at 3 points. Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. :)

  6. I would enter the ingredients into myfitnesspal under their recipes...and then guestimate how much it makes and go from there. The program on mfp will help you build up a figure for counting calories.

  7. I don't think it would be THAT bad calorie wise. I think MaryFran's idea is probably the most straight forward way to find out though.

  8. I belong to My Fitness Pal & one of the features they have is you can put in the ingredients to a recipe, put the number of servings it makes & it will calculate the calorie content for you. I LOVE that site. It's also a great place to track your calories & to get great support :)

  9. I say My Fitness Pal too. I put all my recipes in there, and it works it all out for me.

  10. I'm a go for MyFitnessPal, too. I use it all the time for my recipes. I like it best & have used several. Their food database is the most extensive I've found.


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