Friday, January 25, 2013

My Muscles Hurts And I Am Happy About That

This morning I did the 20 minute zumba abs with my gramma. Mind you, I have done this workout dozens upon dozens of time. But I have not done it this past week. So after a full week of only doing the 1 hour Zumba DVD my gramma wanted to do something short. We had commented yesterday after the hour workout that we were sore. Well today doing the abs workout was almost (EMPHASIS ON ALMOST) impossible because of how it worked out the sore muscles from yesterday. BUT IT ALSO FELT SO GOOD! My biceps, triceps, upper back and shoulder muscles and my abs and obliques are ON FIRE and I am so happy about this. It means I am working them correctly. I HAVE MUSCLES! I can feel them! I can work them out! It used to be I was just sore and tired and lethargic after a workout and EVERYTHING HURT. Now not everything is sore, just the parts of my body that I workout! It is FAN-FRIGGIN-TASTIC! I have also found that when doing knee lifts I can lift my knee much higher and with MUCH MUCH MUCH less effort because my lower stomach has shrunk.

While my gramma and I did our zumba the girls 'helped' my grandpa paint my room. If I haven't mentioned it before my grandpa is a contractor/unofficial architect and he built me my own apartment attached to my mom's house.

My couch looks a little dilapidated on the right
because I was just sitting there.

This is the front room from different angles and the following picture is of my 'not yet finished bedroom'. There is another bedroom for the girls and inside my bedroom and around the corner is our bathroom but that will be saved for later posts.

The purple wall in the background is actually a closet.
It is dark purple and the rest of the room will be Lavender Ice to give the room depth. 
My chicklets having fun painting one of the unfinished walls
While great papa finishes the closet

Meanwhile in the kitchen, Emma, who just got back from the vet due to what we thought was a bowel obstruction but just happened to be a very serious case of constipation is doing therapy with her new water bowl. Her fur looks the way it does because we just 'bathed' her after an explosive bout of poopy nastiness. 

Today is my grandpa's 65th birthday and we will be celebrating at the Greek restaurant I love so much. Perhaps you remember the photo of the Greek Gyro salad I posted several weeks back. That is my plan for dinner. MMM MMM MMM

I have recovered mostly from my Mr. A depression and drama. I feel renewed and feel more valuable as a human being than I have in a long time. Last night he asked me to listen to some reflections and other biblical teachings on Youtube. I did and while interesting, it was from a minister of the New Faith Movement which believes that IF YOU HAVE JESUS IN YOUR LIFE YOU HAVE A RIGHT TO NOT BE SICK, TO NOT HAVE PAIN AND TO BE RICH. I don't believe in that. I believe God allows suffering and even says that there will be great suffering in the Bible. But we are to draw nearer to Him because He will not give us anything that we cannot handle.

Okay, enough of being preachy. I am just feeling very Thankful to God for everything He has given me and the peace he showers down on me when I feel as though my heart can't beat, as if my lungs won't inflate. 


  1. Very nice place you have. Cosy.

    Sore muscles are something to be thankful for for sure.

  2. Sore muscles show the burn :)

  3. So much to say and I'm sure I'm going to forget something!

    1. I love muscles that are burning from my efforts!
    2. The paint jobs look great!
    3. I have a cat Desi (yes, named after Desi Arnaz...I also have a Lucille, Ethel, WinniFRED and a Mertz) who looks just like your Emma.
    4. Sounds like you are in a good place today! :-)

  4. So cool you're Grandpa built you your own appartment!
    Would love you to check out my latest outfit post :)
    Have a fab weekend Hun xoxo


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