Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A Gain in Pounds but a Loss in Inches

So, I thought for shits and giggles I would measure myself to see if my weight gain mirrored a gain in measurements also. NOPE! In fact I still lost! Here is the chart:

Body 1st Meas Week 5 Week 6 Week 7
Neck 14.5 13.5 13.5 13.5
Biceps x2 18x2 16.25x2 16.25x2 16.25x2
Forearms x2 11x2 10.25x2 10x2 10x2
Wrists x2 6.5x2 6.25x2 6x2 6x2
Chest Over Boobs 49 45.5 45 44
Chest Under Boobs 44.5 41.25 41.25 39.5
Waist 51.5 44 43.25 43.25
Hips 68.5 63.5 63 62.5
Thighs x2 33.5x2 30x2 29x2 29x2
Knees x2 24x2 19.5x2 19.5x2 19.25x2
Calves x2 17x2 15.5x2 15x2 16x2
Ankles x2 10x2 9x2 9x2 9x2

I gained an inch in my calves, which tells me I am working the muscles out pretty well. I will post a photo soon after I've shaved my legs. There is definitely some definition going on there.

Other than my calves I lost 3.75 inches this week and 1.75 of those was just under my boobs! WHAT?!

And with measurements I will give the obligatory progress pic.

Progress? I definitely see bloat.


  1. Oh wow you got the pants placement perfect! :) I can totally see the difference in the belly area. :)

  2. You can really see it in your tummy and believe it or not, your forearms! Also, around your bra it doesn't seem so fleshy. WOOT! Keep it up!


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