Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Epic Zumba Fail

If you have never tried Zumba before you might not quite understand what I am about to explain.

Zumba is a bunch of rhythm combined into exercise. The moves while all based on one dance or another also incorporates squats, lunges, knee lifts, leg raises, crunches, leg lifts and even capoeira (google it) into the choreography.

Some of the basic dances are Merengue, Salsa, Cumbia and other South American based dances. A rough translation into 'non dancer lingo' is: A lot of stepping forward and backward and side to side with a bit of fancy footwork and a lot of undulating hips because the entire time you are stepping the leg that belongs to the foot that is stepping is also bending at the knee.


That being said, today my package of 8 new Zumba DVDs (Exhilarate + Rush and Target Zones) came in the mail. WHOOP! The older DVDs were getting a bit tedious even though I still enjoyed them.

So today I decided to check out the Target Zones and the Rush DVDs because they are only 20 minutes each. HOLY HELL, THEY'RE A LOT HARDER THAN THE ORIGINAL DVD's I HAVE FROM A FEW YEARS AGO! So I finished the Target Zones for the butt. I only half finished the Target Zones for the Abs and Legs. I was anxious to see what Rush had in store, but even then I got irritated by the commentary. (You can choose to have the hosts give you verbal cues or just have the music) So, I shut that off and pulled out the Basic Steps. Considering some new moves I saw in the Target Zones DVDs I thought I could learn those new moves and still get a workout.

So I started.

It started with the dances I already new really well; Salsa and Merengue. But I did them anyway.

I was getting into it. I love the two instructors who do the basics DVD. (Tanya and Gina) My girls were playing quietly on their iPads and I was really enjoying myself. But then halfway through learning the 6 step version of Merengue I stepped to the side and distinctly heard something POP.

And then I was falling and falling and crashing against the lounge of my new sofa, shoving it sideways against the wall and throwing my children forward. I hit my hip hard and landed on top of the ankle that had POPPED.

Thank God I had that new couch or I would probably have a concussion or a broken shoulder or clavicle with the way my body crashed to the floor. NOT COOL!

And what does Sassy promptly say?

Mama, are you okay?


Mama, are you hurt? 


She says, 'Mama, you turned off my game and you hurt my finger too!'
*Insert indiscernible pouty noise here

Meanwhile, I am writhing in agony on the floor and panicking that I broke my ankle.

Thankfully my lil sister is a trained EMT and she said no break, probably no sprain. Just a twist OR I could have not completely dislocated my ankle. YIKES!

Did that stop me from finishing the workout? NOPE!

I did the arms!! And the Arm and torso portion of the Obliques. NO LEGS or FEET.

AND thankfully after a little ice, and keeping my ankle raised after my workout the swelling is down and it is now only mildly sore. I will be watching that sidestep tomorrow though when I Zumba in the morning.

No more crashing to the floor for this girl!!

*Calories consumed yesterday: 1657      Today: 1596 - Totally on track


  1. you poor thing! Hope it isn't worse in the morning... :(

  2. I'm glad you weren't seriously injured during your epic zumba fail. Hopefully this morning it feels back to normal!!! :-)

  3. YUCK!! I hope that your ankle continues to feel better. Glad your sister was there so no pricey DR visits (unless ness of course lol)

  4. Hi! Sometimes, I modify how I do videos to accommodate my tricky knee. You don't have to do videos exactly as shown. Most people I know modify something or another. In other words, it is perfectly respectable to do a video with many modifications for body/joint safety reasons.

    :-) Marion

  5. You finished the workout?! Hurt?! You are hardcore and I like you already! Hope you get feeling better!



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