Saturday, February 9, 2013

Ever Heard of Diarrhea Mouth ?

The despondency I felt earlier has disappeared and I am suddenly flooded with topics to write about. I guess that happens when you spend the majority of your time on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and politcal sites like NewsMax and Politix. I have also been reading blogs and commenting where I felt the urge and I am overall discouraged by the morale of people this far into the new year. Which brings me to my first little rant.

No More Excuses, Let's Tell the Truth
When people blog about their weight loss it is like a journal (that basically anyone can see unless you keep it private). I assume that a great majority of people blog for the public to (try to) keep themselves accountable in their ventures of eating well and exercising. Perhaps I am wrong and it is just a cathartic way to get what they are thinking off their head and out into the blogosphere. I honestly don't know.

What I do know is that I read A LOT of blogs about weight loss, diet, exercise etc. I don't post ALL of them on my left had side bar because there are just too many not to mention many of them are Wordpress writers who don't have the 'follow button' and therefore they are saved in my browsers favorites. Nonetheless, there is an overwhelming majority of excuses and justifications going on out there right now about 'why I'm not exercising', 'why I just had to eat that piece of cake', 'why I won't lose what I want by the time I want,' and the list goes on and on into infinity.

If you blog for yourself, and you blog to journal your experience, why lie? Why justify? Why makes excuses? Why not just say it how it is? No one is forcing information out of you, so why beat around the bush and try to hide? If you didn't exercise, be honest.

Instead of talking about how your laundry was all over your treadmill or there was ice on the roads that take you to your gym or your kettlebell fell in the kettle, why not just say, I DIDN'T WANT TO EXERCISE TODAY? Because in reality, you don't need a treadmill, a gym or kettlebells or DVDs or anything to exercise. There are plenty of things you can do using your body and the floor alone. So whatever stopped you from exercising (barring severe illness and injury) just gave you a convenient excuse to justify not exercising.

Instead of talking about how it was your birthday or his birthday or someone else's birthday or that celebration or this other one or whatever occasion it happens to be and saying, 'I felt guilty for not eating the cake when they did it JUST FOR ME', or 'It was just tonight, tomorrow I will do better,' just say, 'I ATE A DAMN PIECE OF CAKE BECAUSE I WANTED TO.'

And instead of justifying a weight gain by saying, 'it's that time of month,' or making excuses as to how you just don't know how you gained 2-3-4lbs in one week, just admit it! I ATE A BUTTLOAD OF CRAP, or I ATE A BUTTLOAD OF SODIUM or I JUST DIDN'T GIVE A SHIT THIS WEEK.

The blatant honesty is a lot more respectable and lot more manageable than justification and lying not only to your readers but to yourself. It is most important NOT TO LIE TO YOURSELF.

Success is Relative
I read in a post on a blog I read today how she wasn't sure if she would ever succeed and I am not 'picking on her', as this isn't at all about her. It is about the mentality of many in the weight loss blogging community that if I do not reach X weight by X time than I will be titled a failure.

Success is relative people.

A woman who loses 20lbs but has 150lbs to lose is only chipping away at the iceberg. Says who? I say she is a success because she isn't still binging.

A woman who has 20lbs to lose and loses them is success. REGARDLESS OF THE TIME IT TOOK HER TO DO IT.
Some might agree, some might not.

A woman who has 150lbs to lose and loses them is a success. REGARDLESS OF THE TIME IT TOOK HER TO DO IT.
Some might agree, some might not.

A person who has always spent above his means and has finally cut back to spending $10 under his means is successful. Some might agree, some might not.

A person who has always spent far under his means but lacks in so many necessary things to live is not successful. Some might agree, some might not.

A person who has always spent far under his means and lacks in so many necessary things to live but gives all that extra to others for their benefit because that is what fulfills him is successful. Some might agree, some might not.


Success is not a one definition fits all kind of word. You decide YOUR DEFINITION OF SUCCESS and YOU DECIDE when you have achieved it.

So when you make unrealistic goals for yourself or make goals thinking that those are the goals you SHOULD make but aren't necessarily the goals you WANT to make then you are setting yourself up for failure. YOU MUST DECIDE WHAT YOU WANT, DECIDE HOW YOU'RE GOING TO GET IT AND GO GET IT IN MEASURED AND ATTAINABLE SMALL STEPS.



This morning I saw this picture on my Facebook wall.

When I first saw it I thought, hmm that is kinda cool and quite symbolic of my current journey. LOVE IT.

But then I saw THIS STORY (on a different page because it was on Facebook but it basically says the same thing) and I realized that ironically there is an opposing meaning to this picture as well. ONE I DO NOT LOVE.

It gives a whole new meaning to shedding and transforming. This country has shed its skin and is transforming into something I am no longer proud of.

Which hurts me deeply, not only for myself and my adult family but very much so for my children. The world they grow up in will not be the same one we grew up in and I truly fear for their future.


Liberte Greek yogurt just happens to be the BEST Greek yogurt I have ever tasted and I am somewhat of a Greek Yogurt snob. I do not like fage or Oikos. In fact the only Greek Yogurt I do like are some of Chobani's flavors but OMG Liberte has amazing taste, creaminess and none of the 'sour milk' that other Greek Yogurts seem to have as an after taste.

Dinner will be 1 egg, 3 egg whites, 1 flour tortilla, jalapenos, onions, chipotle chiles adobados, avocado and 1/4 cup light black beans. MMM MMM MMM ...

And now, I have spent all my writing energy. Back to lurking, reading, perusing and resting.


  1. Yes, the excuses on the blogs have started. Just loads of them. Rampantly. I recently wrote about this on my blog too. It only takes *one excuse* to halt progress.

    You are doing very well with keeping your attitude in the right place, as you explain above. I'm proud of you for that. I think that some people would think that excuses would be valid for you, but the important thing is the *you* don't.

    :-) Marion

  2. And this is why I LOVE reading your blog. No offense taken to being called out! ;-) I certainly appreciate the honesty. It has definitely been a diarrhea mouth month. But it is that honesty and voice of reason that you provide that helps (at least it helps me). THANK YOU for calling it like you see it! Always an inspiration!

  3. I DO NOT WANT TO EXERCISE!!! I don't make excuses. I just don't talk about it. LMAO I am content (for now) with just watching my eating.

  4. LMAO I didn't take offense woman! :) I know it wasn't directed at me. I am trucking along quite well. If I was lagging at all I would have felt called out. LOL

  5. Totally love this post. I 100% blog to keep myself accountable, well and also to have something to look back on after my success. I will love having the whole journey written down for me, and I try hard to keep it real. This week I didn't have a loss, but that's because I ate Mexican food TWICE on Friday & didn't count my calories that great this week, but that was my choice & I'm ok with it. This isn't about being perfect, it's about a journey of a 1000 steps & I'm only on step 10, so I'm ok with the road ahead & if I'm going to blog about it, I'm going to try to be as honest as possible!


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