Wednesday, February 6, 2013


I went to the doctor today for my lumpage ...

Have I ever before mentioned I am prone to external yeast infections?

Well, I am.

And today I have one.

I have had one apparently for a week now.

I knew it felt familiar.

The difference?

The lumps

What are the lumps?

An infection within the yeast infection!?

What the frickin flippin frack?

So, I was prescribed powder.

I asked if when I lost weight my yeast infections would go away.

She said, unless I have insanely tight abdominal muscles, which is doubly rare with having two cesareans, then the skin will still probably droop and rub and therefore the only cure would be a PANNICULECTOMY or a TUMMY TUCK. FYI - these are not the same things.

I googled it all and while I am hopeful that perhaps my belly muscles will be of hulk strength and my skin will tighten up, I am sure surgery is in my future if I ever want to get rid of these gosh darn friggin yeast infections.

This isn't even about vanity and wanting a flat stomach (which I do) It is more about comfort and absence of infection. If you have ever had a yeast infection of ANY KIND you know the pain and misery that it all entails.


Another minor smack in the face with a sweet little silver lining is that I weighed in today at 319.8. That is 2lbs less than yesterday. But yesterday was my weigh in day. Gahh!! Bad news is I didn't get to record it as my official weight. Good news is that I weigh 319.8! Whoop! Out of the 320's.

And now I will go Zumba and make sure to put a 'soft tissue in the folds of my skin', as per my doctors direct instructions. ((rolls eyes))

Ciao people


  1. I know that red, moist environment. Mine usually don't hurt because my skin makes it's own slime lube. (Yeah only another fat person with rolls can understand that one)

    Hope your lumps heal fast.

  2. Feel better soon...and I'm not going to be hoping and praying for totally hard as rock abs (without surgery) to eradicate your issues!

  3. Ah yes... totally felt the red rash of doom under the folds of the belly pooch. No bueno. I'll be honest, I still have skin droop but I haven't had a breakout in ??? quite some time. So there is hope. Just keep it up! :)

    Praying for a speedy recovery and lots of skin tightening fairy dust coming your way. ;)

  4. For the not so good: I hope the infection goes away soon and you start feeling better.

    For the Good!! :) That's great news, now you can count the loss towards next week. ANOTHER plus is that you have a week to keep doing great!


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