Wednesday, February 20, 2013

I Can't Think About Death Anymore, So I'll Think About Kitties

Death seems to be everywhere right now. 


In the neighborhood (a close neighbor)

On the news

In my Facebook Stream

In jokes I hear people telling each other

Random shootings



Cancer / Tumors

I just don't want to think about it anymore because 
it is KILLING me inside 
to think this world has become so very ugly

So instead, the rest of this post will be of my cute kitties

My warm, silky, purring, love nibbling, soft pawed and sharp clawed, wet nosed, quirky, playful and crazy kitties.

Emma enjoys attacking Mr. P 
from under the side table

He doesn't seem to enjoy it as much

She has the most innocent face

Mr. P says, 
'Don't bother me, I'm getting nightly chin massage!'

Emma needs her beauty sleep
Getting up to play for ten minutes 
is unbelievably grueling

My eats today:


1/2 a stuffed Smart Ones Sandwich (it was gross)
2 string cheeses




Subway 6" Turkey with honey mustard and ALL veggies
Sour Cream and onion chips


100 cal kettle corn


Beef Stew with 1.5 slices baguette


1/2 scoop Dryers Neapolitan ice cream on a 20 calorie cone

+ 1 hour Zumba!

Tomorrow my sister, my mom and I are going out for Indian food and to see the movie Safe Haven. 

I'm excited!

Until tomorrow peoples . . .


  1. There is a difference between facing emotions and feelings about that which we can control, and those for things completely out of our control. So posting about kitties isn't such a bad concept (although I'm a puppy person, personally. LOL)

    and I LOVE cashews! I have to weigh them out to eat a safe amount, but they are my protein source of choice at breakfast M-F. :)

  2. Lately we've been on an unsalted almonds kick. I saw a lady at the grocery store snatch up a little can of salt and vinegar almonds and asked her if they were good. OMG, she drooled, so naturally I had to get a can, too. OMG! OMG! Next time I get a goodly quantity of almonds, I'm going to try to replicate them at home, to make them a bit more healthy.


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