Thursday, February 28, 2013

I'm Only A Little Hardcore

Sarah who blogs over at Thinfluenced commented on my last post that I was HARDCORE because I continued my workout injured with my ankle. First I thought, ME? HARDCORE? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! 
Then I thought that was somewhat comical and kind of coincidental because I remembered thinking JUST THAT this morning when I was talking to myself inside my head.
(Oh shut up! You know you do it to...) 

My internal conversation with myself went something like this.

Me: Ouch my ankle hurts this morning
((Rubbing ankle, flexing and grimacing))
Me: Yeah because you continued working out on it after you almost broke your leg in half dumbass
((inward thump to the forehead))
Me: Oh yeah! Dang, I never would have done that a couple months ago.
((Vacant look off into the distance of amazement))
Me: Nope, you would have sat your fat ass down, cried and not gotten back up to do it again until weeks later when you'd already gained everything you lost back
Me: Dude! I'm hardcore aren't I
Me: Nah, you're still super softcore
((sad face followed by lightbulb))
Me: But I am becoming HARDCORE

Small steps people. Small steps. Rome wasn't built in a day. 

Update on the ankle:

It hurts
Where the bone and the tendon meet is very sore
And the soreness radiates to the top of my foot and extends to my middle toe
If I point my toes outward 
(to walk like a penguin because I totally do that ALL THE TIME)

Not my feet
Just an example
Photo courtesy of google inmages - err..
yeah iNmages

It stretches and hurts like a BITCH
If I don't do that
(And I successfully resist the daunting urge)
Then it is tolerable
I can totally walk on it
I can even run on it
(But I won't, because HA! I don't run ... Yet)
I even Zumba'd on it
But I drew the line at twisting my ankles side to side in some of the movements
As Marion from over at Affection for Fitness commented

'Tis KEY

Granted, I won't toot my own horn or anything


But I can dance
And not just like, I can dance 'for a big girl'
I have moves
No really
(Courtney, tell them!)
So I generally don't need to modify anything
But for an injury we do what is necessary to heal
And get back to 100%
So we can give 100%

Calories in today: 1586
I've been hovering between 1580-1650 for several days now 
And that feels like a good range at the moment
It is restrictive enough to keep me eating nutritious things instead of crap
But not so constrictive that I feel like I can't do it
Because I can
I got this
(Insert big cheesy grin and double thumbs up here)

'Cuz he's not super creepy or anything

I register Sassy for kindergarten on Friday
I'm feeling a little choked up about it
Even though I am not the kind of mom (or person for that matter) that gets choked up by things
Maybe eating well has allowed some walls to crumble
And I can now actually appreciate the sentiment and maternal pride of sending my daughter to school
As well as the maternal sadness of no longer having her at home with me all the time
A year or two ago I would have inserted a 'NAHHHH JUST KIDDING' right here
Because in those times I would have given anything to send my 1 and 2 year old far away
Somewhere safe of course and totally trustworthy where people would cater to their every whim 
and they would be spoiled rotten
Just not by me
(Essentially a place that just plain and simple DOES NOT EXIST)
And I could be alone
For just 10 minutes
To shower
Or pee
Or pick my nose
But now they are more independent
They don't need me
And so I am not so desperate for my 'me' time
Don't get me wrong
But it isn't something I am constantly searching for because I NEVER GET IT
I do get it now
And I am very happy
So I am also a little sad to see my baby start school
I like having her home
But that is part of life, right?
The cliche, 'they grow up so fast'
And they do

Nothing else new to report
I almost posted a really rank but really hilarious conversation 
that my mom and I had while I was on the toilet
But then I figured it was one of those moments
Where you had to have been there
And then life around this here blog would have been just plain awkward
So ...

Goodnight blog readers!


  1. Be careful with that ankle! I'm glad you are hardcore, but there comes a time and a place to respect the pain, and I think that's now. It will heal faster if you allow it to heal, instead of pressing it, which could lead to further injury, or a longer healing time. I'm just sayin... :)

  2. Yesssss I agree Be careful! What I would do (yeah I am hardcore like this lol) is NOT take any pain relievers. Especially before a work out. That you you can feel your true pain level and know when to stop or if your hurting yourself more. I do not take any medicine till I am practically hobbling. My hubby knows if I ask for medicine I HURT!

    I hope it heals fast. This Monday after my 5k Sat. I was waddling around the house if that help any. LOL

  3. Haha! I totally talk to myself like that all the time :) Stink about the ankle hope it gets better soon for ya

  4. radio silence is not acceptable!!!!!

  5. You are awesome! (AND HARDCORE!) Plus, you make me smile. Bonus!



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