Sunday, February 24, 2013

Lots of Crap

Mucha crap rolling around in my head over here.

No binging. 

Calories in control.

Just locked inside my head and having a hard time climbing my way out.

Can't even see a door where I might try.

I'm tired.

I'm cold.

Tomorrow is Monday and of course that means Mr. A is coming

I feel just blah

Sorry for the terribly uplifting post.

Tomorrow will probably be lacking all together, but you can bet that sometime Tuesday you will hear from me with weigh in and progress photos and measurements.

I'm going to go drown my sorrow in Crystal Light and The Amazing Race.



  1. Oh I hope you start feeling more positive, but we all have down days. I watch Amazing Race with my son! Fun in Bora Bora.


  2. Chin up. Find some positive to focus on. Don't forget the value of a lit candle and a great novel. :)

  3. "Just locked inside my head and having a hard time climbing my way out."

    This is very me, many times.

    Don't worry about what people want to read on your blog, worry about what you get from writing and what you want to say. If you want to post - do it, sometimes it helps (you), even if it is just thoughts or space. Hang in there.

  4. No apologies for your post. This is your blog and thus you can post anything you darn well want to!!!

    Ok, for a long long time I felt backed into a corner with no way out from under the weight of the world. I was miserable. Then I started to look at my life and I came to the conclusion that there WAS a little spark of light coming from a little teeny tiny door. That was the door to my weight loss and health. I realized that the ONLY thing that I have complete control over is my weight loss efforts. I took control. The door is opening up more and more each day. And as the door opens it's allowing my dark area to be illuminated with light and as crazy as it sounds....I see other doors. It will be a long haul...but focus on the one thing you CAN control...the rest will be revealed in time.

  5. we all have days like this ... that makes us human and allows us to appreciate the good times when they arrive. No need to apologise, it's your blog to vent how your realistically feel :)


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