Monday, February 11, 2013

Monday Morning Bleckies

I have energy for nothing more than bullet points

  • I am mad I ate the way I did yesterday
  • I feel like shit, but not just because of the food
  • My eyelids are chronically half mast 
  • My guts feel like I did 1000 situps
  • My back is killing me
  • I have the chills
  • My lips are so chapped they're bleeding (from mouth breathing while sleeping?)
  • I've been coughing up some really fun phlegm
  • Am I finally getting sick? 4 weeks after the first of my family got sick?
  • Has my body finally given in?!
  • I have someone coming at 1:30 to buy my old sofa
  • And literally another person just called to see it
  • Yay $100 
  • Boo, I have to get dressed
  • I have no energy
  • Nothing, nada, zilch
  • Mr. A is coming in a couple hours too
  • He better bring the $400 he owes my (my mom)
  • I need a shower
  • Maybe that will help how I feel


  1. You feeling better? Or feeling more sick by now?

  2. Feel better my friend! Sleep if your body is demanding sleep!! Our bodies DO know best!


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