Saturday, February 9, 2013

Play-Dough Pants

I am really just not in the mood to write today. I am not in the mood to do anything today. I am in the mood to curl up in my bed, wrap my pillow around my head and go back to sleep for at least the next week...

Meanwhile, I have two small children who make even the fantasy of that notion, pretty much impossible and so I have to find ways to entertain them and keep them un-bored for as long as possible on this dreary, cloudy, 'blustery' (to use Winnie the Pooh's word) day.

So, what does my youngest want to do? She wants to play with her new play dough that great grandma bought her yesterday.

Have I ever mentioned that I hate hate hate hate hate loathe, abhor, detest and HATE play dough?

Why? You may ask. It provides hours of fun for the small children and keeps them out of your hair.

Well, while they are out of my hair the play-dough is in theirs. Not only in their hair but all over the floor, smashed in my couch, smeared on the walls and crammed into my carpet. And it isn't quite the truth that it keeps them out of my hair because every other minute they want me to open a new color which they unceremoniously smash into the army green conglomerate of other colors and what was pink suddenly turns that fantastic shade of pukey green. And if it isn't that then the play dough is stuck in this thing-a-ma-jig or the playdough doesn't roll into a ball the way I want, or mommy can you make an elephant, a giraffe, a sculpture of David or Adonis?!

Not to mention I hate hate hate hate hate loathe, abhor, detest and HATE the smell that play dough leaves on your hands. It quite literally gives me a headache which will inevitably turn into a migraine which makes for a super duper uber nasty cranky mama.


Yet, I let them (today it would just be HER) play because it makes her happy. ((insert gritted teeth here))


Yesterday I had the same lack of interest in writing that I do today.

But I thought for all documentary purposes I would come and tell you all that at the beginning of this thing, when I weighed upward of 345lbs, I fit comfortably in size 32 pants. 30's were okay too. And I could SQUEEEEEEEEEZE my fat self into a 28.

Yesterday, I pulled on a pair of 26's that my gramma had bought me for Christmas but that didn't even come up over my hips in December. But yesterday they did come up over my hips. They did button. They did zip and they weren't tight. They were comfy!!


So, as I posted on Facebook, A little late with the info - by like almost 4 days but - 21.4lbs & 47" total lost and 3 pant sizes down in 5 weeks. I am good with this. ;D

And I am very proud. 

Until later ...


  1. Holey crap! That's pretty awesome! GO YOU!!! Before you know it, you'll be moving down another and another size! :D

  2. The only part I hate about playdoh is the mixing of the colors into the big pile of poop coloring. I cringe every time they mix a color together. UGH!

    I know that ikea chair she is on. They make me think Dr. Suess. LOL

    woo hoo on the pantalones!

    I cannot wait to announce when those freaking 20's are falling off and the 18's fit.


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