Saturday, February 23, 2013


Have you ever held a can of soda or a bottle of water or any closed container of liquid and sloshed it around? Do you know the noise I'm talking about? The sloshing one? Yeah, you know the one and so do I, intimately now. UGH!

It seems every time I exercise now I have lapping waves inside my stomach. I can feel it. I can HEAR IT. And worst of all, it makes me sick to my stomach, like I'm on a boat getting sea sick or something. Not cool. Nope, not cool at all. I tried googling the reasons for this and all I come up with is scary fatal diseases or drinking too much of which I really don't think I do. What a conundrum.

My mom and sister and I went for Indian food and a movie on Thursday. Oh MY GOODNESS! I think Indian food now rivals Mexican as my favorite. We shared 3 different entrees: Chicken Makhani (butter chicken) Lamb Vindaloo (which is lamb meat in a spicy red sauce with tomatoes and onion) and a spicy chicken that I don't remember what it is called. It was served with Chapati and dipping sauce (coconut, mint and red hot tomato), Nan bread (the most yummy nummiest pita-like bread) and jasmine rice. Oh my friggin goodness. My lunch was about 794 calories so I ate accordingly for the rest of the day and had only had a very small (220 cal) breakfast including my coffee with cream. We saw Safe Haven which I enjoyed (and cried like a baby) immensely.

That is really all that has been going on. Nothing exciting. Nothing hilarious to write about. Nothing dramatic, or testing of my self control. Just life. Hence the non-posts. I don't like to write about essentially nothing so when I don't have something in particular to post about, I just don't.

How do you feel about that?

I by no means imagine that I am anyone's 'favorite blogger', but I know I HAVE MY FAVORITE BLOGGERS who I would read anything they wrote, regardless of what it was about.

However, others I read I think, was it necessary to write an entire 1000 word post on that?

What are your views? Do you have a favorite blog or blogger that you would read just ANYTHING they write because you love them so much, or are you on the other page of , 'if you don't have something interesting to say or a point to make or a purpose for your post, why write anything?'

Let me know!

Until later!


  1. That sloshing is weird! I get gurgling when I'm about to have 'the runs', but that's it. Hmmmm.

    I will read most anything of the bloggers that I keep on my blogroll. But if they start to bore me, or get too morose on a consistent basis, I admit I drop them off my blogroll. We all have down times, but I can't be around clinically depressed people; it's too much of a drain for me. I am also not super into people that put 20 photos in each post, no matter what the photos are of. A few are fine. Every food item them eat? Everything they see all day? Not so much. But random postings...can be fun. :)

  2. WAIT. Up 8.8 lbs. in one week? What the hell?! :(

  3. I guess I'm mixed here. I write daily to track my food and how I feel about it and sometimes I ramble. But my blog is mostly for me to get out how I'm feeling and all that so if people don't want to read it, they don't have to. It's all about what you're using it for. I'm not really wanting to attract fans, but I do like having readers and all that jazz and I do tend to ramble. So... I guess I don't mind either way. If I have nothing to say, I don't. If I just need to get it out even though it has no point, I do. Do I care what others think? Not really. Just do what feels good for you and let your readers decide if that post is worth it or not.

  4. I look at it very similarly - basically the same way I do with Facebook. There are some people where I love reading about every single thing they have done in the day. There are others where I can't stand to read about anything they did! ;) I agree with can post or not post and those of us that love reading what you write will continue and those that don't...well they won't and that is fine too. :)

  5. If I read you regularly. Than I read you regularly no matter what the post content is. :)

  6. I'm one of those catch up type blog readers, I go for a couple days without getting to read the blogs on my blogroll, then when I finally get a chance I read every post I can until I catch up to the current day. It feels weird leaving comments on peoples blog's that they posted three days ago, but I do it anyways.

    Sometimes I want to leave a comment but I don't because the subject matter is tricky, I find myself thinking "I'm gonna look like a weird-o if I leave a comment on this one"

    I keep more of a daily journal than a blog, I guess I do that because I have found them so helpful (Other bloggers journals)

  7. I don't know that I have any one favorite blogger. I have a bunch on my blog list that I read. I try to read everyones because you never know when someone will have a gem that will help me on my journey!

    My blog is sometimes boring as bat crap I'm sure. It is written primarily for ME..and that probably bores people to tears some days.But it's MINE!

  8. I love indian food .... its my favourite!! And cooking indian is fun too with all their spices! :)

  9. Anyone who is honest with their blogging is a "must read" blogger for me. Even if I disagree with what they sometimes. If you write about your struggles from the heart then I usually like it.

  10. I am in agreement. Your blog is yours! Write what you want. Readers will read if they are interested. With every blog you write you never know if anyone else will read or who will read. The thing is sometimes when you are having a bad day, maybe someone else is too, and they won't feel so alone. When you are having good days you can be a major encouragement to others. Just be yourself. That's all any of us can really be anyway.



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