Sunday, February 3, 2013

Sweat and Sickness - They Do Not Mix

At least one person in my house has been sick for the last 3 weeks. It started with Sassy, then moved to my sister, then Breezy, then my mom and somehow (I imagine only by God's grace) I have remained unscathed of the gremlin germinoids that have infested my house. God only knows what my mom has, but it causes her to cough heavy deep dry coughs where she has to hold her head because if she doesn't the cough mixed with the major headache makes you feel like your brains are about to explode. My sister has a minor case of what Sassy has/had but with the addition of MONO! Whoop, let's hear it for the 'kissing disease' only they've upgraded MONO now. It isn't just the 'kissing disease' anymore. It is spread through direct contact with saliva, so if you touch the saliva (say on a doorknob that has been coughed on) you can get it. If the person sneezes in your face and doesn't have time to throw an elbow across their face, you can get it. And not only that but while the symptoms can last about a week, you can carry the disease silently for up to 4 months! WHAT THE EFFFFFFFFFFF!!!

Sassy, well she's on the mend. She still hacks a little here and a little there and needs to blow her nose on occasion but she is pretty much herself again. After her second day of anti-biotics, Breezy too seems to be on the mend. Though her nose runs in buckets and her cough hurts me as much as it hurts her because she grabs her belly and cries 'it huuuuuurttttts mamaaaaaaa." Makes me feel so bad for her. Thankfully this only happens at night and after the antibiotics not as frequently.

And here I am, just doin' my thing. Eating healthfully and Zumba-ing my life away and trying with every fiber of my being to NOT GET THESE BUGS as I simultaneously try to care for all the patients people in my infirmary house.

I pretty much KILLED IT doing Zumba today. I did my hour and normally I have about 1/3 of time clocked on my Body Media as Vigorous Activity and 2/3 is Moderate Activity. Well, today I saw this!

I was so happy and so surprised. I literally had sweat running in little streams down my face. I could barely finish the cool down because I couldn't keep my eyes open. Sweat kept flooding them. But it really did feel good. I snapped a shot after the cool down but even the picture doesn't capture how drenched I was. You can see I can barely keep my right eye open because the sweat is pooling in the corner.

I then did the other 20 minute Abs this evening but didn't put the Body Media on because it had chafed my arm during my earlier workout and burned when I tried to use it. So, I let it rest for the evening. That doesn't mean my body didn't recognize those calories burned and muscles worked out though. I CAN SO FEEL IT! AND IT FEELS SO GOOD!

Tomorrow is Monday which means no Zumba - my rest day, but it also means Mr. A is coming over. Oh boy! --- can you sense my enthusiasm?



  1. You are rocking this. You are not letting all this sickness deter you from your mission. Go girl!

  2. That is AWESOME!!
    Stay well - I know I'm running from these germies, too. :)


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