Saturday, February 2, 2013

Today in Photos

... Because frankly I am too friggin tired to write an entire post about all the crap that happened today.

Breezy woke up today and choked up blood into the toilet

It was just a drop. Nothing dramatic but I like to be dramatic

So, I took her to the doctor.

You would too, right?

(I googled 'blood in toilet' because *GASP* I didn't take a picture of her droplet and the horror of what comes up, OMG, I will be scarred for life - and I WILL NOT expose you to that here on my blog - Gosh darnit I just wanted a picture of a toilet with a drop of blood in it. Is that too friggin much to ask? I need to go bleach my brain now)

So, off to the doctor we went.

She was soggy sack for sure.
So much so that this is how she spent the entire 1 hour wait

Once inside the doctor's office she perked up a little
Especially when they gave her the mask to wear
Who knew this kid liked masks?
Not I

She even smiled for the camera ... behind the mask of course

But then she started going downhill again and I had to hold her 

We found out she has a double inner ear infection and the doctor was shocked that she wasn't in pain
I told him she has a high tolerance for pain
He laughed and said OBVIOUSLY
Most kids with the kind of infection she has come in wailing and screaming in pain
I am half relieved by her lack of sensation and half concerned

The picture below is how she was while I did my hour of Zumba

Then she insisted on sitting and laying on the floor for the rest of the evening
I think she felt hot and the cold hardwood felt nice on her skin

Do you notice the difference in couch color?
Well, that is because we got a new couch. 
To say the least

There it is in all it's beauty and comfiness absorbing all the fun germs from Sass and Breez

I got an e-mail saying how cool it was that my grandfather had built us an apartment 
So I thought I would give a mini virtual tour, even though I have before
Things keep evolving and changing though

The NEW front room layout is above
And the photo below is the view from the NEW sofa

The girls bedroom
Top photo is self explanatory
Middle Left is Breezy's Unicorn wall
Middle right is the U-turn in their room
Bottom is the mess of their over stocked toy closet

We watched Hotel Transylvania twice today

The Hercules

We played a bit

Goofed around

I was wearing the mask to make Sassy laugh

She thought my eyes looked 'creepy' in this photo and I agree

Then she said, 'do creepy eyes again'.

So I did

By the way, I don't wear that mask except when I go visit my mom on the other side of the house who has the plague has one of the horrible debilitating flu viruses going around

So, after a bit of play Mama got tired and cranky

And then thankfully bed time arrived

Now here I am

And so as to try to prevent all the known illnesses that plague this house (even my sister has the phenaminimus) from claiming me as their next victim I am going to go drink some Emergen-C "raspberry flavored"

Wish me luck

Until tomorrow


  1. Hope all are better soon.

  2. BLECH. The plague has come and gone this way and who knows what will come next. With my oldest in school (where you have two girls, I have two boys!), he brings home all kinds of wonderful things. :O Hopefully you stay well and nothing new floats into your area!

  3. Ahh! Hope everyone starts feeling better ASAP!!! Thanks for the tour :P I love the girls room, so cute. Stay well!

  4. I hope everyone in your household is healthy soon and that you can keep all the other germs away. My niece and nephews are all sick...I was with them all weekend. I'm just hoping and praying that I have some immunity to whatever they have! I'll stick with the congestion illness that I's just annoying not debillitating!


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