Friday, March 15, 2013

15 Random Updates on My Life

  1. Dill Weed is here
  2. It is superficially a lot less stressful than I imagined, but I can already feel the festering in the way my stomach hurts, the ice pick headache I have had all day and my extreme otherwise unexplainable lethargy 
  3. I think I may kill maim disembowel tell Mr. A to take a long walk off a short pier
  4. He's been doing 'things' again that are just not okay to do when you are the father of two LITTLE GIRLS
  5. My stomach hurts ... a lot right now. I may need the prescription antacid I take only when I absolutely need it
  6. Obviously I AM stressed but I am trying to play it down. I hope that does not backfire, and end up stressing me more
  7. I am going to attempt to refinance my car so that I have more money in pocket (cuz I NEED SOME MORE MONEY IN POCKET)
  8. Today Sassy did Kindergarten round up where the teacher basically tests their knowledge of numbers, letters, shapes, colors etc
  9. Breezy has been a little flustered. She missed her sissy, was sad she didn't get a special prize like Sassy did from her teacher and has been very clingy. Her world, I'm sure, is feeling a little unstable right now
  10. My live Zumba class last night nearly killed me (in a good way)
  11. I will be doing a live Zumba class 1 time a week from now on (to kill myself on purpose -haha )
  12. Yesterday I did a total of 13,000 steps and burned upwards of 4500 calories 
  13. I have been eating well (in the 1800-1900 calorie range but again all healthy calories)
  14. I am extremely sore so I will only be stretching today but will resume my regular Zumba at home with my gramma tomorrow morning
  15. I think I am going to be OK


  1. Feel better girl! God, I hate dill weed.... Next week I'll be a miserable basket case who wants to shank EVERYONE! :)


  2. relax breathe I don't think they will let you blog from jail.

  3. 13,000 is a huge amount of steps ... way to go!! Note to self: must get my pedometer out again *sigh* ... and I LOVE NUMBER 15!!! <3

  4. Trust your instincts on the car. You are really exercising a lot. Is is helping your stress?


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