Saturday, March 16, 2013

A Long Winding Road to ...

I found myself invited to a Yoli party last night, so after dinner with the family I began driving in the direction of my Zumba instructor's house. I had her address in my iPhone and began on my trek. I knew where I was for the first 15 minutes of the drive and then suddenly I was in the country and I no longer recognized anything. Mind you, it starts to get dark here in the Pacific Northwest at around 7:00, so I had a few minutes more of light before I got sucked into the blackness of the non-lit country roads. I turned where my phone told me to turn, drove forward and did slight rights where it gave the direction and then suddenly I wasn't even in the country anymore. I was suddenly in the forest on a newly paved VERY NARROW dark dark road that wound up and up and up and up to infinitude. I passed house after house and the only reason I knew I was going the right way was because my headlights shined out on the very visible house numbers engraved on random objects, including mail boxes, curbs, large plaques made of God knows what, giant rocks and wooden crosses. As I reached the DEAD END of this road, I realized I was at the top of a mountain and her house was the very last on that road. WOW. I imagine, had it been day time, that they have an absolutely amazing view of the entire city below.

I really enjoyed myself at the party. Kim is a very inviting, friendly and wonderful individual. Her home was GOR-GEOUS and the women who attended the party were also very sweet and friendly. I wish I could have purchased some of the Yoli products and may do so if finances allow in the future. I learned about the body's PH and how most people have a very acidic body which creates all sorts of problems. I won't go into that here but let's just say that acidosis may be the cause of my migraines, my GERD (other than my weight) my body aches and my frequent lethargy. It was very enlightening. And it helped that the representative of the company was like WOW FIT!

I applied to refinance my car today. The entire time I sat in the bank staring at the personal banker it felt off. I felt like I shouldn't be doing it. The term would be 48 months and the monthly cost would only be about $100 cheaper. Versus the 32 months I have left now and the people where I am know me and my circumstances and have grace periods when necessary while the new bank has NO GRACE PERIODS. I am thinking, even if I am approved for the loan I will probably not do it. I just have a bad gut feeling about it.

I am tired and still extremely sore from my Zumba class on Thursday. However, I also feel stronger and more fit and I am super excited about continuing. Like I said, Kim is an amazing instructor and an even more amazing person to know. She is working with me on some difficulties I am having in certain areas (which she totally does not have to do but does out of the goodness in her heart) and I am just so thankful for her in my life right now.

Mr. A tried to remedy his wrong by trying to undo what he did that I had said was so heinous for a father of 2 small girls to do but what is done is done and there is no undoing it. I am disgusted with him right now.

Dill Weed is being good. It hasn't been as tragic as I expected having him here YET. It has been only one day though. Last time it took 8 months for his true colors to shine through so we will see. I am taking it one day at a time, trying to live MY OWN life and stop worrying about my mom's or my sister's or my grandparents' and how his presence is affecting them. I just need to worry about me and my girls right now.

Doing good with eating. I am very interested in neutralizing the acidity of my body though, so I have been researching the heck out of that. I may investigate if I can buy Alkelite from Yoli all by itself and see if it changes anything. It is supposed to neutralize the acidity caused by the foods you eat. ((shrugs)) If anything comes of it, you can be sure I will post it here.

Till later my peeps!

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  1. As a general rule, you should never refi an item that depreciates in value unless you are in dire straits and need the money.


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