Sunday, March 17, 2013

A Strange Sort of Sunday

Mr. A has not been communicating with me. There are a many number of reasons I suppose why this could be:

  • He found this little blog and has read what I've written (If you're reading, HI, haha) and was offended by it
  • He perhaps realized I have a Facebook account that he is not attached to
  • He seems to get his feel feels hurt if I am not overly attentive when he texts or calls which I have not been. 
  • He got pulled over for some reason or another and is in jail for driving with a cancelled out of state license and no insurance
  • He just is giving me what he thinks is a 'dose of my own medicine' by ignoring me
I don't know. Maybe it is one or none of those reasons. Regardless, he hasn't communicated with me since yesterday morning which is NOT NORMAL. He usually texts me at every break and calls before, between and after each shift. (Yeah, I know. Can you say overkill? I never asked him to do this. He just does it. Or did it. ) However, I must admit I am a bit relieved. I have been overwhelmed by him lately. Overwhelmed by being torn between a rock and a hard place with him. If he decides to stop communication with me, it essentially gives me an 'easy way out'. Which is good by me. 

I was going to let the girls play outside today because the sun was out on our way to church and on our way to breakfast after church. However, as soon as we started toward home it started pouring. So we went to our local superstore and they played in the kids play area while I tried on some clothes. Here are some pictures of my 'window shopping' session.

This is what I wore today (with a green over jacket for St. Patrick's day) 
This shirt and the jacket are 3X and the pants are size 28W. 
They are too big for me but they were all that was clean.

This is what the pants look like
See? Too big

This was the first shirt I tried on. The white tank underneath is mine and is a 2X
This shirt is a 3X and is obviously too large but they didn't have a 2X to compare it to

This is the second shirt I tried on
I think it was a 3X 
which just shows how different styles, makes, fabrics and country of origin 
changes the dimensions of any given size

This shirt was a 2X and I really liked it except for the horizontal stripes around my lower stomach
I felt like it made me look even wider than I already am

This is how close I am to getting into size 24 jeans
I have some at home so I am anxiously awaiting the day I can button and zip then
When I can that will bring me 5 sizes down from where I started

Gotta love the rolls the tight pants only enhance in the back and the chunky upper arms.
Just shows I have a ton of work ahead of me
But I am embracing it
It is all a part of the journey

I also tried on an Under Armour Sports Bra
I would have totally love it
It fit great, felt great, was my favorite color
But when I adjusted the girls they looked AWFUL
(See next photo)

You can totally see that I have lost weight in my boobs because they aren't full anymore
They are paper thin and wrinkle up instead of just sitting up when pressed against me

And the even lovelier view from the side
Yeah, not so pretty and definitely not something I would wear under my clothes to exercise in

I bought Rise of the Guardians, some fresh strawberries and some whipped cream for the girls to enjoy on this rainy, grey day. I had some of them as well and a Fiber One Coconut Almond Bar in addition to my breakfast/lunch which was breakfast potatoes, two eggs over medium and a biscuit with 2TBSP strawberry jelly. I am sitting around 1200 calories right now (because yes my breakfast and lunch were combined and restaurant food is NOT calorie friendly) So, I have approx 300-500 calories left to play around with for the day. Not a ton, but not impossible.

I am thinking about changing my weigh in day to Mondays. My main reason for this is because starting in the fall (September) when Sassy starts kindergarten she will be going Tuesday, Thursday and every other Friday and with all the rush rush of a new schedule, I thought Mondays (or Wednesdays) might be a good day since they will be an 'off school' day. What do you all think? Should I maintain my Tuesday weigh ins or change it for Mondays (or Wednesdays) when there won't be so much going on?

Bringing the topic back around to Mr. A, as you all know Mondays are the days he sees the girls. What with his non communication with me, I am wondering if he plans on seeing them tomorrow. Hmmm
This ought to be interesting. 

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  1. Dude, my boobs are the same way. I was like "what?? you two used be REAL AWESOME, and now, now...". haha but I'll take my sad boobs if it means a smaller belly!


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