Thursday, March 14, 2013

Another Post Trying to Sell Praising Zumba & Other Misc Stuffs

I am feeling really good. 


I feel healthy



I feel like I found something I LOVE doing

And I do it EVERY DAY

Except Mondays

But I really only skip Mondays because we have to see Mr. A

If it weren't for that

I would Zumba every day of the week

Today I get to Zumba twice

And not both times here at my house like usual

I already did my Activate (45 minutes) this morning


The dance portrayed here is my absolute fave (and I love the song too)

But for a long time now

My former instructor has been inviting me back to her class

I always said no

Citing one excuse or another

And even though those excuses were valid

Part of me didn't want to go because I was fatter than I had been the last time I went

I'm not fatter anymore

And I have a sitter

So tonight I will be going back to a real Zumba class

I doubt it will be for more than just tonight

She invited me which means I don't have to fork out the $10 it usually costs per class

BUT I won't have a sitter every week 

And I definitely cannot afford $10 per class 

When I can do the same thing (minus the fun atmosphere) here at home

In any case, I am very excited about tonight

I almost got a friend to go with me

But she has social dancing anxiety and claims she could only do it drunk

Which brings me to an idea about what could be my 'specialty' when I get certified for Zumba

Mind you, I had this idea before my friend said this

But it just confirmed that it could be a really good idea

And that idea is having one on one (personal) Zumba classes 

For the socially awkward or anxiety riddled

Maybe I mentioned it here before

I am having this strange deja vu of writing it before. 

In any case, we'll see if that is a possibility once I become certified

And I am becoming more confident in my moves

Understanding them so that not only do I do them correctly

But so that I understand which muscle each move should be working

And doing it to the best of my ability so that it works that muscle to the best of its ability

I'm getting there

My dancing is a lot less jerky

Much more fluid

Full extensions of arms and legs

No two stepping over messed up footwork

If I mess up I pick up where I left off instead of trying to 'fix it'

And I am attempting to 'help' my gramma when she messes up

In a way to 'train myself' to give verbal and body cues

It is going to take some serious effort on my part

But I can do it

Coffee in

I am not sure what I will be having for breakfast

Tuesday and Wednesday both were a bit higher in the calories than normal

Tuesday was around 2000 calories

Yesterday was around 1900

All healthy well spent calories

But I was actually HUNGRY

Not head hunger

Real hunger that ran me down (like low blood sugar) making me tired and at one point feel faint

I'm not beating myself up over it

So what?

Cycling my calories will work it all out in the wash

And if for some reason from here on out my calories per day reach 1700 

And my average is slightly above

Then so be it

This is for life

I am living healthfully

Eating consciously

Exercising my heart out

And not binging

I am more than okay with this

I am happy

In fact, right now, the only thing I am not happy about right now


Apparently he will be here sooner than we thought




Can't you tell?

And lastly, for those of you who pray

A family friend is in SOME GREAT NEED OF PRAYER right now

Her 21 year old son who is in the Navy and was going to be deployed

After visiting her and then returning to California not feeling well

Was just diagnosed with cardiomyopathy

His hospital stay will not be less than 6 months and they attempt to treat him

OR he may need a heart transplant

Currently his heart is only working at 25%

He is scared

He is angry

And rightfully so

They need your prayers

My friend has to leave her job indefinitely and she needs prayers

That the vacation time of her co-workers that they gifted to her can be used for her absence

She needs prayers that the district will approve her absence

Her youngest son (I believe) is a high school senior this year

He needs prayer to be able to cope and finish his studies strongly

But mostly pray for B.

He is the one with the heart condition

Pray for the doctors' guidance in both their judgement

And their hands

Please pray that God's Will be done 

And that nothing but comfort presides over that family right now

Thank you

Until later ...


  1. Wow that is a post chock full of emotions right there. Good thoughts to all that need them- including you with the return of Dill Weed.

    Yeah you for going to revisit your old class. I would go with you but your a weeee bit far away. Have fun!!

  2. Definately will send up some prayers for your friend's son. The zumba idea you have is FANTASTIC!! I'm one of those socially awkward dancers who would only ever consider entering a dance floor with quite a few drinks on board (and given I don't go out to clubs to drink anymore = I don't dance!! ever!!) lol!


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