Friday, March 8, 2013

Hava Nagila - I Learned It - Holy Crap

This post was written at 1:33 in the morning after I was rudely awoken and could not fall back asleep
I relinquish all fault for spelling errors, grammar errors, or completely lack of visual or comprehensive fluidity inclusive this disclaimer

In the newest Zumba DVD 
(Target Zones Arms & Obliques) 

I learned to do the Hava Nagila. 

Holy Hell is that shizz hard to get down. 


Cuz I rock!

Tuesday's weigh in weight was

Wednesday's Weight was

Today's weight was

I am really liking this downward trend.

We shall see if it continues tomorrow

Some food I have eaten between yesterday and today 
to show that I am conscientious 
and do still occasionally take photos of what I eat like I used to

Yesterday's lunch
1/4 cup rice and leftover fajita fixings, sans tortilla

This morning's homemade yummy breakfast
Each waffle square was 1/3 cup of the mixture and 1/2 banana 
And of course coffee with creamer 
(Not pictured)

And Lunch was a cheese quesadilla 
(1 tortilla,1/4 cup shredded Mexican cheese and 2TBSP Chachies peach mango salsa)
1/4 orange bell pepper and 2TBSP hummus

Dinner was Q'Doba
(a subway style Mexican restaurant with a really good calorie guide for the weight conscious)
I had the vegetarian naked burrito which included
Cilantro rice, black beans, pico, corn salsa, guacamole, and I nibbled on a few of the girls' chips
(No photos. Sorry)

Today was spent outside because a long lost friend came out

The girls weeded with their Nana

I Zumba'd

Today's eats were a little high due to the chips I nibbled on at Q'Doba

But I got a great burn and a good deficit

Breakfast: 543 calories
Lunch: 324 calories
Dinner: 863 calories 
(Yeah a little over the top, I know) Sans chips it would have been 620 (smacks forehead)
Combined snacks including 
1/4 honey crisp apple, 
and a frozen yogurt with the complimentary waffle cone: 378 calories
(Yes again I will smack my head. If I hadn't eaten the waffle cone it would have only been 210)
I guess I will be cycling my calories ((sigh))

I am going to have the song for Hava Nagila stuck in my head

Peace and Pink Marshmallows people


  1. You are doing great. Keep working on it. It takes time to lose it, just remember you are in it for life, if you continue healthy eating and productive exercise in time you will be looking back and thinking I did it, I have left all the excess weight in the past.

  2. Hava Naglila has a zumba dance!?? I will have to google this later. LOL Good job for learning it.


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