Sunday, March 24, 2013

I Don't Know What My Problem Is

I'm in a serious funk

I'm lethargic and cranky

This week has been a one day on one day off eating plan week

If I don't Zumba today it will be the third day this week that I haven't

Although one of those days that I didn't, I ran half a mile and then walked a couple more

So today would literally be the second day this week that I won't exercise

Except I am telling myself that I will

I am not proud

I am tired

This week is going to be crazy

Today - My mom's actual 45th birthday
We went to church
Went grocery shopping
We are going to make cupcakes for her

Monday - Day with Mr. A = Bleck

Tuesday - Celebrate my mom's 45th birthday

Wednesday - Shopping for my sister's 20th birthday party dinner
Making Tostadas de Tinga

Sorta kinda what it looks like only mine look better haha

Thursday - Celebrate my sister's 20th birthday

Friday - Good Friday and Easter egg coloring


Sunday - Easter

It makes me tired just thinking about it

(Interlude to take a Washington State political survey over the phone)

Well that was fun... (PUKE) NOT


I guess I need to go bake cupcakes

Of which I will not partake

(Mostly because I used to be a strawberry cake fan but overdid it x 1000 some time back and haven't had a taste for it ever since)

On the bright side

I fit in another shirt I have not worn since 2010



  1. That's ok to have weeks of being blah, that makes you human :) When I've felt like this I've just told myself that I need to just tread water and take some time for me then your spark will return and you can carry on again *hugs*

  2. Always look at the briiiiight side of life! Thats what I got out of your post and new shirt that fits. LOL Sowwy your feeling off but ::smack:: get your head in the game and out of the cranky pants-ness. :P

  3. Congrats! It fits and looks nice! :) Good luck for this week :)

  4. It's just one of those weeks. *sigh* We all have them. But you will get through it and move on. And yeah... I dig that shirt. I have a similar one in black and it is for sure one of my faves! It's just such a cute and flattering shirt! Stay strong and just push through this week reminding yourself that even when you're blah, you're better than you use to be. ((hugs))


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