Sunday, March 17, 2013

I Have a Big BUTT and I Cannot Lie ...

Early Sunday morning post.

I saw myself in the mirror today and went holy!!!

If I don't start losing some weight around my butt and hips as fast as I am around my waist I am going to look like a Photoshop FAIL!

(You know what those look like, right?)

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!


  1. If you keep losing it will keep coming off all areas, some just faster than others.

  2. LOL We have the same body shape. It will happen! It will! I've got a big bottom and when I lose, I tend to lose pretty evenly, but where you notice it the most is my waist/stomach area because I'm curvy on the bottom half whether I'm a 20 or an 8. You'll start to see it more soon! Your pants are already showing that it's happening, it's just harder to see. But you'll get there! :D

  3. But you're always going to have nice curves! You will have a perfect J Lo booty once you hit goal!


  4. It will all come off eventually....I always find it interesting to see how some people lose...we all lose our 'fat' in a different order. :-)

  5. most people lose from their face down, so keep going and it will come off your hips soon enough :) I agree with Sarah ... nice curves :)

  6. Girl I don't care what you say, I would love to have your shape! When you get all your weight off you are going to be smoking!! I am the stupid apple shape which I totally HATE. The only way I'll ever have a big butt (round not flat) will be if I get some padded underwear & by golly I just might!! You're doing great!


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