Friday, March 29, 2013

I Squatted and Nothing Cracked or Popped! (Super Long and Involved Post)

Haha, ok, it was just a strange title and there is no hilarious story or anything that goes along with it. Simply put, as long as I can remember, the first squat that is followed by many my hip bones and ligaments always snap, crackle or pop. NOT TODAY! Zumba Toning and my first squat went down (literally) like butter! Woot!

On a sour note:

So here is the lowdown about what has been going on this side of the blogosphere:

My family lives in a compound (not really) all within 3-8 houses of each other so we are always in each other's business. Thus, my gramma's stress rubbed off on me when she went for her 60,000 mile checkup on her car and asked them to again check out a rattle she was hearing. She had also heard it at her 50,000 mile checkup but they said it was nothing which is mechanic talk for they couldn't (or didn't want to) find anything. Anywho, she got the same go around this time only after the checkup it started getting louder. She took it in. They diagnosed it as a busted air conditioning compressor and told her it would cost $900.


Now my gramma and grandpa literally change their oil every 3000 miles, wash their cars as soon as dust even looks in their cars' direction and always always ALWAYS takes them for routine maintenance before  or right when routine maintenance is due. So, because it was documented that my gramma had told them about the rattle at 50,000 miles and again and 60k miles and it was basically negligence on their part that they hadn't found anything wrong, they said they would comp her 75% of the price.


So, she takes her car in to get the compressor replaced. Walks the mile to the closest mall and shops. 3 hours later she gets a call. It isn't the compressor at all. It is the alternator and it needs to be completely replaced. This AFTER they had let her drive it around assuring her it is completely safe. For the mechanically impaired, driving on a busted alternator is NOT SAFE. Your car can turn off in an instant and there is no turning it back on or charging the battery. IT IS ESSENTIALLY DEAD. PLUS, an alternator costs a hell of a lot more to replace AND it costs more in labor. So, she was pissed. I was pissed because I was waiting for her to help me with my sister's b-day stuff and I was totally stressed for my gramma regarding the money! Thankfully they told her they would honor the $225 they had said she would be paying and all was hunky dory.


My family and I all agree because of their asshat idiocy she should have been comped for the whole damn thing. OH WELL. What is done is done and my grandpa told her to pay it and get it fixed so they could be done with it. I may just write a long letter to a newspaper though.

Anyway, as I stated earlier in that mess of a story, yesterday we celebrated my sister's 20th birthday even though she is only technically 20 today. I made Tinga to which I have a recipe - tutorial prepared on how to make because some people from facebook and I guess somewhere in cyberworld who e-mailed me wanted to know.

TUTORIAL ON TOSTADAS DE TINGA - Unfortunately I was a complete dork and forgot to take a picture of the finished product but if you make it, I would love to see how yours turns out!

For a 'normal size gathering of maybe 4-6' you will need:

4 large boneless chicken breasts
3-4 large red onions (less if you don't much like onions, more if you like them a lot)
10-15 Roma tomatoes
Garlic (fresh minced - optional)
2 large cans chipotle chiles in adobo sauce
1 large can of refried beans or 1 bag of fresh dried beans (you will need to soak dried beans and mash them which I will not include in the tutorial)
Guerrero (or brand of your choice) hard tostada shells
Shredded lettuce, 1 head or 1 bag prepackaged
1 cheese round of Queso Fresco (Ranchero or Cacique brand)
1 bottle of Crema Mexicana (Cacique brand - white lid)

Boil chicken until cooked through. Shred chicken into a large bowl and cover with foil to keep moist while you prep the rest. OR prep the rest, leaving the chicken in the water and shred while veggies soften.

 Chop onions into rounds. Chop tomatoes into small cubes and combine in sauce pan (include minced garlic if you have used it.) Cover and simmer until onions are soft and tomatoes have mostly deteriorated.

Depending on the amount of heat you like you can use a mesh strainer and strain the chipotle chiles so just the adobo sauce remains and your chicken mixture will be very mild. Add chiles with seeds if you are looking for a bit spicier mixture. After you have added your preferred amount of chiles and sauce add the shredded chicken. Make sure all chicken is completely covered and cover to simmer while you continue with the rest of the prep.

If you have dried beans you will need to have eliminated any rocks (because dried beans inevitably come with rocks) and then soaked in warm water overnight. Or if you are like me with no patience, just open the can of Rosarita (or brand of your choice) refried beans, pour in a glass pan, cover with foil and heat. (You can add some grated cheese before you heat if you like.)

Grate the entire round of Queso fresco and put in a bowl are plate. Plate your shredded lettuce and cut a hole in the crema bottle cover. I find it is easier to pour then scoop.

You can either serve buffet style to let people create their own tostadas or you can have fun passing things (constantly) back and forth at the table. Make sure you have plenty of napkins and you are not in formal company. THIS STUFF IS MESSY!!

Courtesy of Google Images

The correct order would be:

Tostada shell

A lather of beans

A scoop of chicken mixture

Lettuce, cream and then cheese.



Today! Oh Today! Good Friday in every aspect of the term, let me tell you (beside the squats and definitely not including the bug bites).

I had a blast coloring eggs with my girls, my Aunt, my gramma and my cousin and then watching my cousin after and how awesome she played with my girls.


  1. Oh my! What a story! At the very least they got to the problem before it was a bigger problem! Phew!
    Cute pictures of the girls and family :) aww!
    Nice recipient too! Sounds good.

  2. yeah on the no snap, crackle, and pop!!

  3. the recipe sounds so yummy! Glad the car worked out!


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