Saturday, March 2, 2013

This Post is TOTES AMAZEBALLS ((scoff))

Two things to start off this post.

One: My stupid hand me down good for nothing piece of shit DELL (because the fact that it is Dell wraps up the previous adjectives in one horrible four letter word) laptop computer screen keeps shutting off on me and then I have to close the damn computer, wait for it to turn off and reopen it. I've had to do this 3 times since I sat down to read blogs and write this one.

Two: I have read 3 different posts this morning with a word that I absolutely abhor in them. The offending word? AMAZEBALLS. AMAZE-BALLS. I simply cannot wrap my mind around the disgusting-ness of how that sounds. I guess cuz I think there is nothing AMAZING about any kind of balls. ANY.KIND. Then add TOTES in front of it and I'm sorry but that just does not sound intelligent. It sound pervy and reminds me of something Paris Hiltion might say. Oh and apparently Perez Hilton (not the same person, doncha know... **rolls eyes**) coined that lame ass term.


Now onto the stuff I had intended to write in the first place.

This goes along with what I write about later
Sorry, I could not help myself when I found this

I have been in a low place. My little town keeps publishing horrible stuff about what things are going to be cut due to the economy. Businesses are closing. Grocery and gas prices are rising like geysers and inside the grocery stores there are actually stands full of food that are basically called, 'rations to stock up with'. I feel like I am in some bizarre fifth dimension where the United States caves in on itself and becomes MEXICO #2. Oh wait! This isn't a bizarre fifth dimension but the United States IS caving in on itself. It is extremely depressing to me to know my beloved country that I grew up in is really no longer and to repair it is going to take a long time and a lot a lot a lot of change in not only spending and cutting and taxing and reform etc. It is going to take unification of the people as a whole because right now, as divided as our country is there WILL BE NO REPAIR.

I hurt. My shoulders from shoulder presses. My arms from insane Zumba moves that I don't remember the names of. My obliques and abs from all the twisting and hip movements. My butt and thighs from all the SALSA. That dance is a mother effer. From my knees up the back of my thighs and all around my butt I feel like a miniature man is sending electric shocks through my muscles every time I stand from sitting or vice versa or God forbid I squat to pick something up. You would think I would tear right up the middle of each leg. It hurts. But it hurts good.

My ankle is mostly better, although I can still feel the stress and pressure when I turn it certain ways. I am just so glad that I didn't injure myself worse. In one of the comments on my last post or maybe the post before I was told not to medicate for the pain. I smiled when I read that because apparently the person who told me, Mrs. Swan who blogs over at The Swan In Me, is like me (HARDCORE TO THE MAX) and second because sometimes I forget how readily OTHER PEOPLE medicate any and ALL of their pain.

I for one medicate under 1 circumstance and only 1 circumstance. That being that I am in debilitating, blinding, paralyzing, all encompassing pain. The only pain I have ever experienced that was truly debilitating and stopped me from proceeding with my every day activities are my migraines. I take 4 Excedrin Migraine or 4 Extra Strength Advil in that instance and that is it. Not another dose if it doesn't get better. Not the recommended dose every few hours. 1 heavy dose of 4 and that is it and that is ONLY FOR A MIGRAINE. Not a regular headache or tension in my neck. Nor a twist in my ankle or aches and pains from working out. ONLY A MIGRAINE. Even for both my cesareans I didn't take but the first day of intravenous Oxycontin for pain. Nor did I take the Oxycontin they prescribed for me after my surgery on my foot except what they made me take before I left the hospital because they swore I would be in a lot of pain. I wasn't even once the heavy dose of Oxy wore off.  After the first day if it was necessary I took 1 Extra Strength Tylenol. But I am of the frame of mind that if it isn't impeding your life, there is no reason to medicate it. This is for two reasons. One it teaches you to depend on chemicals to ease any and all pain. Number two, your body will eventually build up a tolerance for the drug you are using and soon 2 or 3 won't be enough. You'll be taking 4 or 5 and when that doesn't work anymore you will have to move on to something more heavy duty and before you know it, you end up like someone I have known all my life who took upwards of 20 different prescription pills a day just to feel NORMAL. Not cool. Not cool at all.
This is totally normal now-a-days
Especially here where I live

My belief in the non-use of medication also extends out further into other physical and psychological 'problems' that I believe people either just want to 'mask' or 'have a quick fix for' but that would make this post a bit more controversial and that IS NOT MY INTENTION HERE.

So, for anyone wondering if I medicated the pain in my ankle after it popped and I fell on it, the answer is no. I absolutely did not.

Yesterday I registered Sassy for kindergarten. A bittersweet moment. She met her teacher (for like the millionth time because we already go to church with her and Sassy is in the same Sunday school class as her son) She toured the school with my aunt who is an employee there and we listened to the morning announcements. They played outside on the play equipment and also visited my cousin's class. (The daughter of my aunt who words there) After all the paperwork and touring and saying hi to everyone who we have known forever because more than 6 years ago my sister also attended the same school we went to the auditorium to hear my cousin play the chimes/bells for Chapel. It was very beautiful, but I am partial to the sound of the chimes/bells. Here Sassy is walking down the hallway of her new school with her cousin who is currently in 5th grade. I cannot believe my baby is going to be in school within 6 months time. And in 1.5 years both my babies will be in school. The idea right now is a little surreal. And a little scary. And a little freeing. And a little scary again.

I have to wrap up this post now because Sassy got in some trouble during the development of this post and is currently in time out crying about not wanting me to be mad and wanting to hold me. So, I must go perform my motherly duties of explaining to her what she did and why it was unacceptable. ((sigh))

Until later ...


  1. You know you say that and I took pills yesterday. LOL My neck was hurting so very bad and I needed to be able to turn it at work. Today it felt a little better at least. I don't mind some ache because it hurts good but bitch has to work. LOL

  2. Awe mama your kids are growing up :) Such a cute pic of sass&cuz. I am similar with drugs. I try not to!


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