Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Zumba is THIS Much Fun!

I have nothing of consequence or circumstance to talk about tonight, so I will leave you with this video. I know a lot of people hate watching videos, especially when you aren't interested in the content, but it is quite inspiring to watch the Princess of Zumba,Tanya (the instructor) dance. If nothing else she might give you something to aspire toward physically.

Peace and Pink Marshmallows People

You have to unlock your mind 
before your body will ever unlock
- Tanya Beardsley (formerly of Zumba Fitness)

As I said, Tanya is the instructor in the front
She is admittedly my Zumba girl crush
But most importantly my SUPER INSPIRATION to want to teach Zumba!
(I am so sad that she is no longer an active Zumba Education Specialist)


  1. I have seen this video before and ABSOLUTELY ♥ it !!!

  2. I've never tried Zumba before. Maybe I'll have to give it a go sometime.

  3. This white girl cannot dance. I have no rhythm at all. :)

  4. Bleh. Brought tears to my eyes! Back in the day, my hubby said he fell in love with me for being so outspoken... and being able to move my ass! I use to love dancing and I could really get into it and I haven't done it in YEARS. I sorta miss dancing. I've never wanted to try Zumba, but maybe I will...

  5. LOVE IT and I need to get back to it- I have the Kinect game and it's super fun. Thanks for posting this!

  6. Me & My friend did it & loved it.

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